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Inland NW 2021
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Board of Directors

Chair - Glen Hascall
   5 Westridge Dr
   Lake Oswego, OR  97034
Chair Elect - Barb Silvey
Secretary - Wendy Goodheart
   1422 Lynn Avenue #8
   Billings, MT 59102
Treasurer - Kylie Johnson
Past Chair - Diane Hould
   142  3rd St S
   Shelby, MT  59474
Alaska Chair - open
Idaho Chair - open
Montana Chair - Sharon Peterson
   6426 Marias St.
   Missoula, MT  59803
Oregon Chair - Shelley Giaier
Washington Chair -  David Ramsey-Warner

Membership Chair  - 
   Ellie Hodder
Event Coordinator - 
   Diane Barnes
   479 Drager
   Ashland, OR  97520

Communications Chair -
  Joann Wallenburn

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What a Time This Is!

I almost don't know what to say.  The times are so extraordinary that a monthly newsletter seems rather trivial, yet...  It's extraordinary to see how people in the handbell world are adjusting.  I encourage you to watch the YouTubes linked in Glen's article.  Toccata on King's Weston is one of my favorite-ist pieces.  Thank you Matthew - and thank you Kylie.  You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!

National has gone Virtual!  The biggest news we need to focus on is the cancellation of the in-person activities for National Seminar in Orlando.  Please see the announcement from Handbell Musicians of America below.  There is a silver lining to this dark cloud - the entire event has gone virtual.  Check it out!  For one low price, you can take something like 48 individual classes/webinars, many presentations from HIC, and a bunch (I've run out of toes and fingers to count) of concerts.  All from the comfort of your own home.  Registration is open until July 19th, so take advantage of these unfortunate times and attend National - virtually.

We say a fond farewell to Idaho chair Shelly Siemer who is moving to Iowa later this month.  We're sad to see you go, but come back and visit anytime.  And safe travels.

  Many thanks to Ellie Hodder for arranging the virtual workshop by Damien Lim (he's also in one of the YouTubes) on the Cajon.  Another silver lining to the dark COVID cloud seems to be connecting better over the internet.  Just think how many resources are opened up to us - safely.

The Bell Tree with Choir Composition Contest is still on-going.  Please check out the article below.

This newsletter is available - free - to everyone.  Please share with any of your fellow ringers.  They can c lick Here to subscribe for themselves.
Events and concerts are added to our website between newsletters, so be sure to check the Events Page frequently.
ChairNotes from the Chair
Greetings Sequestered Handbell Musicians

A giant tip of the hat to our Campanologist Editor, Joann Wallenburn, for last month's edition. Besides Joann's editor's column with reminders and tips, there were great articles by Ellie Hodder and Diane Barnes. Diane's suggestions for 8 bell and 12 bell performances were superb and her own ringers addition to their church's Pentecost service fantastic. Ellie's article had lots of tips on how to remain "bell" active and increase your skills during the pandemic. One of her items suggests sharing with our community how you're keeping active with bells. 

Keeping that in mind, the church bell choir I ring in is doing its first virtual project. Unlike the 12 bell projects where all come together and record in a semi-circle, we are learning our own parts of a 5 octave piece with a "project" video on a "smart" device (phone, notebook, laptop and even a desktop computer). Then each of us will video record ourselves with the "project" track playing in our ear. The video files will then be sent to a sound editor at our church who will blend them into one final performance track with our pictures as we ring. 

If you have questions about this technique drop me a line. I did notice that there are classes on this subject being taught virtually at our National Conference, another reason for you to register and learn. I have also heard that one of the bell choirs at the Methodist church here in town have already done 2 of these "virtual" projects and the Presbyterian Church in nearby Tualatin is working on one. How about you? Have you provided bell music (solo, small ensemble, bell tree, full group) for your church or civic organization. Let our Editor ( email address ) know so we can all benefit from it. 

There are a number of these musical projects available to see on YouTube. One in particular involves a number of nationally known handbell personalities playing, not handbells, but other music instruments on Michael Joy's "Dorian Dance" (a handbell piece). Here's a link to the Nobell Ensemble: .   Be sure to watch to the end and see the full cast of characters including Area 10's Diane Barnes.

If you haven't seen Area 10's Treasurer, Kylie Johnson, ring Matthew Compton's full bell choir arrangement of Toccata on King's Weston all by herself here's a link

And so until next month, I hope all are staying safe and healthy,

National Seminar has gone Virtual

Due to last week's resurgence of COVID-19 cases throughout Florida, Handbell Musicians of America has cancelled all onsite activities for the annual National Seminar previously scheduled for Orlando. The safety of Seminar participants is - and always has been - the organization's top priority. So, while event organizers, volunteers, faculty, and staff would love to see everyone in person, that is simply not a safe option.

HMA is still holding its FIRST-EVER Virtual National Seminar on July 16-19, 2020. It will be a new and different experience, but certainly a fun and educational one that puts no one at risk. This robust socially-distanced seminar includes all the classes you expect from HMA events plus new offerings like:

  *   Incorporating 12-bell music and other small-ensemble options

  *   Twenty virtual HIC booths with options to meet live with company representatives

  *   Keeping up your skills at home, without bells

  *   Planning for a safe return to in-person ringing

  *   Creating your own virtual ensemble

Beyond this engaging and informative curriculum, the virtual seminar also includes online game nights and nightly concerts, to help participants socialize with other musicians from around the world.

Even though the in-person National Seminar is cancelled, there is still so much value being shared.  Please visit the website to see what sessions and concerts are available.

Visit Seminar Website     
ContestBell Tree with Handbell Choir Composition Contest
The bell tree ringers from  Into the Forest are sponsoring a composition contest for bell tree with handbell choir music. Deadline is August 15. Prize is $2000. The bell tree community is seeking music to help move bell trees from the periphery into the mainstream by seeing more bell trees playing with handbell choirs in concerts, church services, and other venues. We are defining the mainstream as handbell choirs who play level 2+ to 3 music and have 3 to 5 octaves of bells and probably chimes. We are seeking more music for this range. See attachments for more information.

Groove with the Bellz                     
Approximately 20 ringers from all 5 states in Area 10 plus one from California attended the virtual workshop presented by Damien Lim.  It was Sunday morning for Damien in Singapore while it was Saturday evening for us here in the U.S.

Damien taught us about the origin and history of the instrument and also told us what's in the box. I always thought it was just a box, but there's stuff inside to make the different sounds!

He also taught us several basic rhythms and had us playing along on our "instruments".  For me, my computer desk was the bass and my thigh was my snare.  We all improvised to mimic a cajon.

Many thanks to Damien for sharing his time and talents with us, and many thanks to Ellie Hodder for putting it all together.  
Inland Northwest 2021
March 19 and 20, 2021 
Central Church 
Richland, WA.

Clinicians: Shirley Lindberg and Bryant Wilkie


Information              Registration

This event is sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America.
Coppers Classic 2021


Coppers Classic 2021
March 19-21, 2021
             March 18 (mini-workshop)            
Monarch Hotel & Conference Center
12566 SE 93rd Avenue                
Clackamas, Oregon                  

Stay tuned for registration information.

Check out the repertoire and consider joining us for next year's concert and ringing with us next year.

Questions: Contact Ellie Hodder, founding director or Kim Bible, event coordinator.

This event is sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America.  
Siskiyou Summit                                      RESCHEDULED!
      April 30-May 1, 2021
      Ashland, OR
      Fascinatin' Rhythms

      Guest Conductor: Tim Waugh 

The 2020 Siskiyou Summit Handbell Conference has been rescheduled for 2021. Tim Waugh will be the conductor and we will be using all the same repertoire from 2020 and offering the same classes plus a couple of others. Watch this space for details later this year.  Contact Diane Barnes if you have any questions  
Will You Help?
State Chair Positions Open

There is a current opening for the Alaska State Chair and the Idaho State Chair.  

Please consider serving on your Area 10 Board in this capacity.  For information or to volunteer please contact Glen Hascall, chair or Diane Hould,  past-chair of Area 10.
Oregon Events 

Friday-Sunday, March 19-21 (2021), Coppers Classic 2021, Clackamas, OR  Details at   Additional info email:   Kim Bible

Washington Events

Friday & Saturday, March 19 & 20, 2021
- Inland NW Handbell Conference, Central Church, Richland, WA

Area 10 Facebook Page


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National Office contact information
The national office is a virtual operation!
To contact by phone: 937-438-0085. Please note the 1-800 number is no longer in service.
All check payments for membership renewal and other services should be sent to:
PO BOX 221047
All other correspondence should be sent to:
Handbell Musicians of America
201 E. 5th Street, Suite 1900-1025,
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Staff emails are in Overtones and at
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Happy Ringing - soon, we hope,
Joann Wallenburn
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