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Bluebird in flight.

Photo: Vivian Stacy

Thursday, June 27

Welcome, Lucas!

Join us in welcoming Lucas Scott, Adkins Arboretum's new Land Steward.

For Lucas, this role connects many personal and professional experiences. Growing up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Lucas has a lifelong connection to the natural landscape, waterways, and communities of the Chesapeake.

After earning his degree in geography from the University of Maryland, Lucas was an environmental educator for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Lucas will bring the skillsets develped through his experience in the environmental field to the Arboretum's many stewardship opportunities.

Land Steward Lucas Scott

Nestled in Nature Progress

Nestled in Nature is being installed at the highest elevation off Nancy's Meadow Loop.

Photo: Laura Vlahovich

The first phase of Nestled in Nature, installation of the terrace, is complete! The terrace was constructed by Unity Landscape and their talented team.

The Nestled in Nature project will "celebrate the landscape's natural processes, create an incomparable gathering spot, and provide an inspiring destination to enjoy and engage with nature". It will boast a panoramic view of Nancy's Meadow, shaded seating, and an incredible art piece.

The next phase of Nestled in Nature will be the construction of the shade structure, which is currently in design, and seating installation. This will be followed by the installation of five dalle de verre, or stained glass slabs, and ceramic panels created by artist Mike Pugh. The entire project is expected to be complete within the following year.

The team from Unity Landscape installed the terrace.

Photo: Ginna Tiernan

BioBlitz Finds Vast Biodiversity at Adkins

Approximately forty specialists participated in the inventory of biodiversity at Adkins.

Photo by Laura Vlahovich.

On Saturday, June 1, Adkins Arboretum hosted approximately forty specialists – such as entomologists, mycologists, and others – who participated in a BioBlitz. This event was made possible in partnership with the Maryland Biodiversity Project.

The goal of a BioBlitz is to document biological diversity at a particular place and time. According to BioBlitz organizers, the event was a great success! Over the course of the day, specialists documented about 1,100 taxa at Adkins, bringing the total known diversity at Adkins to 1,689.

To learn more about the results of the BioBlitz, click to visit the Maryland Biodiversity Project Blog.

The general public is invited to participate in a second BioBlitz taking place at Adkins on Saturday, September 7. There is no cost to participate. Click here to register.

Upcoming Programs

Dragonflies & Damselflies

Saturday, June 29

The Arboretum streams and wetland host a large number of dragonfly and damselfly species. They are beautiful creatures with complex behaviors, and it's all on display if you take the time to look.

Join John Gillespie, a retired professor of evolution, for this program to learn about local species and see who’s flying about.

Click to register.

Beautiful Flight: Monarch Decline & How to Help

Saturday, June 29

The 2024 overwintering population of Monarch butterflies in Mexico had a 59% decline from 2023 numbers. The population numbers are the second lowest ever recorded. Monarchs are in trouble.

Jim Wilson will explain the life cycle of the Monarch, the reasons for the precipitous declines in the population since 1996, and, most importantly, what you can do to help the population recover. 

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