June 21 marked the first day of summer, and with some areas of our region reaching 100+ degrees we can verify that summer has really started.  Here on the coast, we enjoy our warm sunny days mixed in with the cool fog.  This is why visitors flock to the coast from inland this time of year. 

But, at AEDC it isn't the weather or the end of school that marks summer beginning. It's the first Saturday of June where we celebrate Humboldt Lemonade Day.  Humboldt Lemonade Day highlights everything summer is supposed to be, including enthusiastic youth, supportive family and community, and a reason to get outside and celebrate our beautiful area with neighbors and friends. We thank our youth participants, their supporters and our fantastic volunteers who helped create yet another Lemonade Day success in Humboldt County.   

Check out our Lemonade Day results below, and make sure you get out this summer, attend some festivals, patronize our local businesses and maybe get lost in the woods if you have the time.