Details and Deadlines

  • April 26, 4:00 p.m.: Tier I Certification Report Deadline
  • April 26, 11:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.: Tier II Annual Submission Workshop

Save the date: And come with SCFD to the Capitol

Art, music and science will once again fill the halls of the Colorado State Capitol to celebrate Culture for All. Join us for Legislative tributes to SCFD in the House and Senate Chambers and enjoy presentations from a few SCFD organizations.
Gallery seating in each Chamber is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Please RSVP.

What you need, when you need it

Just a friendly reminder that we are continuing to add information, tutorials, grants calendars, and other important details to pages dedicated to your tier of partnership with the district. Please use these resources to help answer your questions. 

Resources for Good
National recognition for Colorado cultural treasure

The already internationally lauded Cleo Parker Robinson, founder of Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, recently received one of our nation’s highest arts honors along with four other groundbreaking dancers of color who together founded the International Association of Blacks in Dance. Along with her colleagues, Parker Robinson received the National Medal of the Arts from President Joe Biden in a White House ceremony. The association was founded to focus on creating opportunities for funding Black-led organizations as well as creating career opportunities for dancers of color. This effort led to the growth of Black dance in individual communities, the country and internationally.
In Memoriam: The SCFD mourns the loss of Black Arts trailblazer

M. Perry Ayers, Founder and Artistic Director of the Colorado Black Arts Festival, passed away March 23, 2023. He was 71 years old. Perry, as he is fondly known to family and friends, founded the Denver Black Arts Festival which was later known as the Colorado Black Arts Festival (CBAF) with his brother, Oyedele Oginga, in 1986. CBAF, the state’s largest celebration of the African diaspora arts and culture, is celebrating its 37th year in 2023. Ayers, talented in many art forms, was a metal art and jewelry artist, a Cleo Parker Robinson Dance dancer in the 1970s and above all else, a true visionary. 

Free virtual trainings on using data to help your organization
Virtually all Candid’s Trainings are now free. At Candid, we recognize that nonprofit leaders and fundraising professionals, particularly those working at small or under-resourced organizations, need access to the nonprofit training and resources that equip them to do good. Candid’s training offerings provide detailed instruction to help you build skills in fundraising, grant writing, nonprofit management, and more, and they are designed to serve different levels of expertise. Candid formed by joining the Foundation Center and GuideStar in 2019.  Explore the learning opportunities.

Engage with Us
We can explore the world to open our imaginations, and we can use our imaginations to change the world

Kids who join programs at Downtown Aurora Visual Arts (DAVA) are encouraged to engage with their own creativity in every way possible.

A bastion of visual arts for students of all ages, DAVA has found ways to expand on its already broad scope, offering creative approaches to health and wellness rooted in scientific discovery. Kids are eagerly exploring subjects like microbiology and oceanography as the non-profit heads toward its 30th anniversary in May.
“We’re focused on bringing every word of our mission statement to life,” said Krista Robinson, DAVA Executive Director. “We engage diverse youth in meaningful arts education that sparks creativity, increases opportunity, and strengthens community.”

For 7-year-old Luis and University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Student Annie Cao that meant an unusual learning experience together.

After pandemic closures, DAVA expanded its college intern program to provide more opportunities for hands-on learning for all ages. The interns were not only diverse, emerging leaders and incredible role models for DAVA kids, they were also able to bring best practices and research from their own degree programs to deepen student learning. Recently, The University of Colorado Anschutz School of Medicine selected DAVA to host a medical student intern as a part of their service-learning program. That’s where Luis and Annie met.

"Elevating the SCFD" Shout Out

As part of our ongoing work with you to help raise the profile of the SCFD for residents across the metro area, we’ll be adding a hat tip to organizations who have found a way to include SCFD in their outreach. The goal is to highlight all the ways your organization and help. 

Hat Tip to Lakewood Heritage, Culture & the Arts

A special thank you to the Lakewood Heritage, Culture & the Arts Center for including a shout out to residents of the metro area for creating and funding the SCFD. We appreciate their partnership in flipping the script to help us remind residents they helped create and consistently sustain funding from the district. We welcome all funded partners to join us in elevating the value of the SCFD. Please take a look at the resources we’ve developed to help.

Register your Free Days with us

If you have days, programs, or events to share with the public, you can submit them for inclusion on the SCFD website. As we work toward more normal operations across 2022, we have reactivated this calendar, typically the most visited page on our site. Submit your Free Days
News from the Board
The SCFD Board of Directors oversees the operation of the district as well as all fund distributions.