"Thank you for the love!"

Dear friend,

Dayton Right to Life Foundation has worked strategically to increase its community presence and advocacy over the past 6 years. Despite the short setback due to the pandemic, our programs and activities are stronger than ever. Our goal is to create a culture of life in our community. We want to model and bring the prolife ethic to the community, impacting not only families, but our community partners as well. With partners like Dayton Childrens, Greater Dayton Premier management, Childrens Services, and many more, we positively impact over 60 families EVERY WEEK.

I often get asked, what does success look like to you? Well, read this story below.

This past week we had 3 community events---2 baby showers and a parenting class. It was quite busy and our small staff was juggling alot. At one particular event, one mom came over to me and said, "thank you for the love" and gave me an emotional and lingering hug. She continued "You looked so happy to see me today and you're always wanting to listen and stay with us--we always feel safe and comfortable here."

"Thank you for the love."

I cannot express the joy I felt knowing that the families we touch feel love. Sure, they get assistance and education, but they feel our love, God's love, in our activities and actions. Kudos to our staff---no matter how busy we are---we always provide the LOVE.

To our donors and supporters: We don't just 'give away' stuff. Our assistance and programs, given with love and dignity, provides hope to these families. We are providing that gentle and loving presence that says, "we love you and are here for you". We are so appreciative of your support that enables us to love these families on your behalf. We always share with our families that their diapers, clothes, etc come from folks who love them and their children.

So, friends, this past week was another successful week. Thank YOU for the love you show Dayton Right to Life!!

To learn how you can provide loving assistance to our families, click here.


March 23 ambulance call removes patient reportedly "having seizures."

Kettering's abortion facility has become a topic of national news discussion.

The latest string of injuries at our local abortuary was reported by Operation Rescue last week. Thank you to our sidewalk warriors, Bob and Vivian Skovgard, for their constant vigilance and sharing these updates with us and the media. Here is the article.

HELP US share a message of hope and support to these women. Join our Sidewalk Advocates for Life support group. For more information, email us here.

Please continue to pray for the closure of this facility.

"This just keep happening.."

2023 article.

What's happening in Ohio politics?

Frustrated by Ohio politics? I have often mentioned the curse of our conservative "super-majority." This article does a great job illustrating our current political landscape.

Read here---Why Can't Red-State Ohio Get Anything Done For Conservatives? (thefederalist.com)

As many of you know, we were unable to have a fundraiser for our Foundation last year (due to the 2 workloads of the 2 elections), so we could really use your support for our spring fundraiser. Join us for an inspiring message from Mark Houck and support our programs at the same time!!


Did you miss our recent End of life panel discussion?

Here's another opportunity---The Respect Life Committees of Our Lady of Light Family will present their annual Respect Life seminar in memorial of Gert Clemons and Leslie Stricker.

Our panel of experts: Margie Christie, director of Dayton Right to life, Mary Gutman, RN, and Jon Faulkner, attorney at Elliot & Faulkner, will be on hand to discuss end of life issues including assisted suicide.

Join us on Tuesday, April 23 from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm in Friendship Hall of the St. Francis of Assisi Campus---Doors open at 6pm, program starts at 630.

For more information or to RSVP email mchristie@daytonlife.org.

Registration is open!!!

Sign up here

European Union approves draft resolution to make abortion a fundamental right

The European Parliament has begun debate on adding the “right” to abortion to the European Union (EU) Charter of Fundamental Rights. A draft resolution to include abortion in the Charter of Fundamental Rights passed in a 336-163 vote this week, though largely symbolic. The resolution is not binding, and the support of all 27 member states would be required in order to change the charter.

Read the rest of article here.

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