A new and easy way to support in a "BIG" way - all in one simple step!
The BIG Equity Fund was established to change the way we view philanthropy. Over the past few months, we have had many of our donors provide testimonials as to why they are BIG donors and what philanthropy means to them. Want to learn more about BIG and our donors? Join one of our information sessions! Our next session will be November 9 at 11am. Click here to register.

To learn more about the BIG Equity Fund, please visit our website at https://cfgg.org/initiatives/black-investments-in-greensboro-equity-fund/.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Athan Lindsay, alindsay@cfgg.org or 336.790.6339. 
The W2W Advisory Council makes history by awarding $283,000 to nine programs supporting women and their families in 2021, making this the biggest grant year ever!

The annual W2W Power of the Purse Luncheon honors the year's award recipients and all of their outstanding contributions to our community. Due to increasing concerns regarding COVID-19, we have postponed our luncheon to ensure that we will all be able to safely celebrate together.

The new date for the W2W luncheon will be March 7, 2022.

This new date will also coincide well with Women's History Month. Lisa Leslie, a former WNBA star and Olympic gold medalist, will deliver the Keynote, which is guaranteed to remind you why we are all on the same team!
Mae Douglas
A native of Greensboro, Mae has always been passionate about ensuring equality and social advocacy in the work she does in her professional and personal life. Growing up in Greensboro, Mae witnessed first-hand segregation and the inequality in the lives of many that persisted as a result. During her highly decorated corporate career as a Human Resources C-suite executive, Mae used her position to help promote equality and inclusion by mentoring and sponsoring other women and people of color. 
Since returning to Greensboro, Mae has invested her time and talents in volunteerism and philanthropy. She is committed to building and sustaining a better city for generations to come, driven by her belief in the promise that Greensboro embodies and its reputation as a caring community. 
Through the collective efforts of the BIG Equity Fund and existing black organizations in the community, Mae plans to take a collaborative approach toward accomplishing this goal. By pooling all of the available resources, Mae believes that there is an opportunity for donors of color, and specifically with the partnership of the BIG Equity Fund and the Black community, to demonstrate their ability to leverage influential, reputational, social, financial, and intellectual capital to solve the issues in Greensboro.
CFGG Scholarship Season
It’s Scholarship Season! 

On October 15, the Community Foundation officially kicked off its 2021-2022 scholarship season by opening 7 scholarship applications through our online application portal. We offer both need-based and merit-based scholarships, along with scholarships that require a specific major while in college. 

We even have a scholarship open only to students who live in a certain area of Guilford County! If you have, or know of, a high school senior who is looking for some financial help to be able to attend college in fall of 2022, please share this link to the CFGG application portal.

CFGG Scholarships for Guilford County High School Seniors:
  • Tyler David Williams Memorial Scholarship
  • Herman and Earline Herbin Scholarship
  • Thomas and Bettie O’Briant Memorial Scholarship
  • Jason Christopher James Memorial Scholarship
  • York David Anthony Memorial Scholarship
  • William Bryant Evans and Lucy Teague Evans Memorial Scholarship
  • John Carlton Myatt Writing Scholarship
  • John R. Kernodle Memorial Teaching Scholarship (application will be available in November)

Events Calendar
Want to know all the amazing things happening at CFGG? Now you can with our new events calendar!

Simply visit www.cfgg.org and click on the tab labeled 'Events Calendar'. All events can be viewed in either calendar view or list view. You can also filter and find events based on venue, facilitator, and keywords.
Legacy Donors
If you plan on including the Community Foundation or one of our initiatives or organizational endowments in your estate plans, please let us know! It is as easy as completing this form. We want to honor you by including you on our Dear Greensboro list, and, more importantly, we want to make sure you’re thanked today and your gift is properly honored tomorrow.