January 2021
Thank you to Mary Phillips and Nicole Campbell

We owe a huge thanks to Mary Phillips, who has served as chair of the NNCG Steering Committee since 2017. Her profound commitment to our organization started as a founding member of NNCG and continues to date, as she serves as the Immediate Past Chair on the Steering Committee. During her tenure as chair, Mary brought her considerable experience and expertise as President of GMA Foundations to help guide our organization, recharge the Steering Committee, and shepherd us through a critical time — all making us stronger today. We are indebted to Mary for her dedicated service and servant leadership. Thank you, Mary!
Mary Phillips
Nicole Campbell
We also bid a grateful farewell to Nicole Campbell for her active service on the NNCG Steering Committee. During this time, Nicole, CEO of BuildUp Advisory, chaired the Membership Experience and Partnerships Task Force, helping us develop a strategic partnership model with regional grantmakers and continues to expand and furthering our mission today. Thank you, Nicole, for your service and for making a lasting impact on NNCG!
Way-Ting Chen
Chair, NNCG Steering Committee
Check Out Our Updated Website
Over the past several months, we have been working to update and refresh our website, and we are proud of the results!

Please take a few moments to look around and let us know what you think! Our home page now features our key resources and publications, a snapshot of upcoming events, and even a preview of conversations taking place on our members-only listserv. We are in process of collecting full-individual members hi-res photos to include on our membership roster - with a link to their listing in the NNCG Directory. Our NNCG Now! Blog page has been updated, too, so please send along contributions at any time for us to share with our network. We have a new "mega-menu" of resources to share, as well. Enjoy!
February 17, 2021 - 12p Eastern

Culturally-responsive and Equitable Evaluation (CREE) requires the integration of diversity, inclusion, and equity in all phases of evaluation. Join the Expanding the Bench® (ETB) team to learn how we support evaluators and funders of evaluation to value, practice, and promote a CREE ecosystem. 
March 16, 2021 - 1p Eastern

This fully interactive webinar will introduce participants to a methodology to undercover underlying cultural assumptions of those at the funder table as a precondition to developing a successful funding strategy.

Presenter, Richard Marker, Founder, Institute for Wise Philanthropy
April 29, 2021 - 1p Eastern

Marcus Walton is president of Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, a community of funders committed to transforming philanthropic culture and practice in ways that support thriving nonprofits and communities. Through that lens, Marcus will discuss ways to help your foundation clients turn a hunger for more effective philanthropy into clear pathways for achieving it.
NNCG Member Listserv
NNCG Members have access to a robust Listserv. Topics range from sharing RFPs to consulting best practices.

Our new website features snippets of these conversations right on the front page. For full access and to join the conversation, apply to NNCG today!
Members in Action

Kris Putnam-Walkerly will be delivering a keynote at the Florida Philanthropic Network annual conference in February on “Transformational Giving: How To Banish Delusional Altruism and Change The World” and also at the Impact100 Global Conference in March.
The COVID and social justice crises are requiring us to think of what we have been doing to effectively and nimbly support change. It is an interesting time, a scary time, and most importantly, a time in which we, as a sector, should be leaning in and taking incredible risks to create and support justice and equity. Author A. Nicole Campbell, highlights three areas of focus within grantmaking for foundations interested in creating and supporting this transformation in the sector in her article “Transformational Grantmaking is Most Needed in a Crisis.” 

Justin Goldbach and Social Strategy Associates are thrilled to support Aviv Foundation's first-ever Springboard Prize for Child Welfare -- an open call for exciting, early-stage projects with the potential to improve the lives of children and families navigating the child welfare system. Learn more and please help spread the word!
Get feedback about how to make services more client-centric! Valerie Threlfall is principal of Ekouté Consulting and Managing Director of Listen4Good on behalf of the Fund for Shared Insight. We're excited to invite funders and nonprofits to Listen4Good, a powerful and affordable feedback capacity-building program that coaches organizations on how to listen and respond to the people at the heart of the work. Participation deadlines soon. Sign up for a webinar to learn more.
Suzanne Smith, of Social Impact Architects, will be leading a panel on 2/24 titled “Key Nonprofit Trends for 2021.”
We’re seeing significant changes in the world. Keeping up with new trends is vital for nonprofits everywhere and needed by funders and consultants to help them respond. SIA along with other consultants (AtigroCharles River CFO, Inc. & Susan Kelly) conducted a survey in January to assess trends and will share the results at this webinar. Register today!