Winter 2021 Newsletter
Hello Homecare Providers,

While COVID-19 continues to dominate the national conversation, the team at Generations Homecare System remains vigilant in providing the technology needed to navigate this pandemic. It's never been more important to keep our aging population at home, and if possible, out of the hospital or other densely populated settings. Over the last year, homecare providers have met an unprecedented demand for more nursing and personal care services. There was never any doubt those providers and their care teams would rise to the challenge. To this day, and at any hour, dedicated healthcare professionals trek across empty city streets, ride sometimes alone in mostly empty modes of public transportation, and travel down snow-covered roads (here in the North) to give their clients the care they need most. Homecare doesn't stop and neither do the people committed to providing this essential service. Those who remain sheltered and aging-in-place need your care more than ever. We consider it a true honor to provide you with the technology you need to be there for those who rely on your service.
- Lisa Ferden, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer
New Feature: COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking
Providers now have the ability to track the COVID-19 vaccination status of caregivers and recipients of care, directly in Generations. Tracking the vaccination status enhances safety and care outcomes because providers have the ability to filter and select caregivers and care recipients by vaccination status.  
This new vaccination tracking tool is the newest in a suite of solutions from Generations that has been developed in direct response to the COVID-19 public health emergency. 
EVV Solutions
The build-out of U.S. EVV integrations for Generations is going strong.
Homecare providers who use Generations in Arkansas and Indiana and bill to Medicaid are the latest individuals to benefit from Generations' state-specific EVV solutions.

Generations EVV is essential for monitoring the delivery of quality care in real time. With Generations EVV your team will:
  • Improve care plan compliance and care outcomes
  • Track your clients' well-being via Wellness Questions
  • Meet your state's Medicaid EVV requirements and easily bill for services
  • Remain in compliance with state and federal rules pertaining to the security and privacy of confidential health information. 
Please reach out for a status update of the Medicaid billing interface for your state.
You're Invited: Prepare Your Home Care Business for 2021, Presented by Littler
Join us tomorrow, January 28th, for "Prepare Your Home Care Business for 2021," an industry-specific legal briefing presented by Littler.  
The homecare industry has always been wrought with regulatory requirements. Littler, the nationally renowned law firm, has been a constant resource for home and community-based providers. We are proud to sponsor their legal update, held tomorrow afternoon. Register for this must-see and must-hear event by clicking here

As always, if you have any questions for us please respond to this email or send us a note via live chat.

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