Meet Herbie!
Herbie is a 2012 KWPN Gelding by Cachet L x Serano Gold. He is very much a gentleman that never puts a foot wrong. He is always trying to please and be better every day. We lesson with my trainer Michael Lieberg every Wednesday and usually every other Saturday. He works 3 days a week in dressage, one day a week he likes to go hiking, and then he enjoys the other two days off a week. When Herbie first arrived in the USA last March, he had only competed at the Training Level in dressage. In one year he has excelled at every level through 4th level, consistently scoring in the 70%.

Herbie likes to spend time in his paddock every evening but enjoys even more coming in to his stall every morning to a feeder full of HYGAIN Release as well as his alfalfa hay. Herbie gets the Release grain to give him that extra bit of energy he needs for optimal training. His second meal of grain he gets early afternoon, (before his evening feeding of orchard hay) which consists of HYGAIN TrackTorque and HyGain Balance . If Herbie has an extra long session and it is hot out, I will supplement his feed with HYGAIN Recuperate .

He also gets a scoop of Grand Meadows Premium Plus, and 2 scoops of Grand Meadows HA Synergy. Use code 0124 for a special discount on all Grand Meadows supplements. To prevent any stomach issues like ulcers, he routinely gets GASTROPOWER made by X-FIT . X FIT also makes his hoof oil to keep his feet perfectly balanced in moisture. Before and after every ride, Herbie’s feet are perfectly brushed with the HOOF-X.  Use code 110rf for a special discount on all X-FIT and Equsani products.

Before every ride as well, Herbie also gets an acupressure session with his Accuhorsemat . This blanket helps stimulate acupressure points to stimulate blood flow for optimal performance. 

Now that we have gone into Herbie’s daily routine a bit, stay tuned for next month’s installment where we talk about his show routine and our favorite ways to prepare! Stay tuned!