Fall 2023
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The Canadian Code of Advertising Standards turns 60!
Sixty-five years ago, the Canadian Advertising Advisory Board – now known as Ad Standards – was created. Five years later, in 1963, the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards (the Code) was published.

The Code acts as the cornerstone of Canadian advertising self-regulation, and is the principal tool used to promote trust in advertising in Canada. It contains 14 provisions that provide guidance on everything from price claims, testimonials, advertising to children, unacceptable depictions and portrayals, and more. The Code sets the criteria for truthful, fair and accurate advertising.

Influencer Disclosure Guidelines get a refresh
The internationally award-winning Influencer Disclosure Guidelines have just been revised and refreshed by Ad Standards’ Influencer Marketing Steering Committee. The Guidelines are meant to educate the influencer marketing industry about their disclosure obligations and to give a practical framework for providing disclosure. More specifically, the document: 
  • Provides an overview of the regulatory landscape and the self-regulatory framework 
  • Explains the do’s and don’ts of disclosure 
  • Includes a wealth of examples that illustrate sufficient and insufficient disclosure of a material connection within a variety of post types (ie. static posts, character-limited posts, video posts, stories, blogs) 
  • Addresses disclosure best practices in the context of gifted products, events and experiences, affiliate marketing and refer-a-friend programs 
These Guidelines are an essential tool for any company involved in influencer marketing.  
Save the date! On December 6 we are hosting a webinar with members of the Influencer Marketing Steering Committee. Hear these Committee representatives discuss the business and evolution of influencer marketing.
Get to know Ad Standards’ Director and Client Service Manager, Clearance Services
Jean Larivière has been an indispensable part of Ad Standards since he joined in 1999. His role sees him leading preclearance reviews with his team of veteran analysts and support staff for advertising of food and non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, children’s advertising and for the recently created Code for Responsible Advertising of Food & Beverages to Children.
Both member and non-member clearance submitters benefit from Jean’s breadth of experience and knowledge with advertising regulatory requirements. As a fully bilingual Client Service Manager Jean is in daily contact with clearance submitters, guiding new submitters through the process, and clarifying submission reviews, when needed.

Jean provides great value to our agency and advertiser members, creating customized presentations to educate on regulatory requirements. He and his team also conduct consultations on new products and campaigns so that advertisers and their agencies are armed with pertinent regulatory requirements at the early stages of creative development.

After more than two decades, I still relish doing this important work every day. Knowing that I can help provide Canadians with advertising that is truthful, fair and accurate is my day-to-day reward. Knowing that I can help agencies and advertisers deliver effective, world-class advertising that still complies with regulations, is my day-to-day commitment.”

Through the Institute of Canadian Agencies, Jean holds a Communications and Advertising Accredited Professional (CAAP) designation.

Submitters are encouraged to contact Jean should they have any questions related to clearance submissions.
Event Happenings
Shelley speaks at DAAC 10 year anniversary event
The Fall is undoubtedly in full swing with numerous industry events to attend. Our senior leadership have had the opportunity to speak at a number of events over the last two months. Here are some highlights:

The Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC) celebrated its 10-year anniversary in September in Toronto. Our Chief Legal Officer, Shelley Samel, spoke about Ad Standards’ role as the accountability partner for the DAAC. She outlined the audit process used by Ad Standards to ensure compliance of participating companies with the DAAC Self-Regulatory Principles, gave some tips for compliance, and explained how the public complaints mechanism functions.
At the beginning of last month both Shelley and our President & CEO, Catherine Bate, presented at the two-day Food Law & Regulation Canada Conference hosted by the Canadian Institute in Toronto. Catherine, along with Angela Giancaterini, Legal Director, Canada at Kellanova Canada Inc., and Laura Weinrib, Partner at Blakes, Cassels & Graydon, examined the new guidelines set out by Health Canada surrounding advertising to children. To continue the conversation, Shelley spoke alongside Brian Fraser, Principal at Brian Fraser Law, on understanding the standards regarding identity claims and challenges in food advertising.
Catherine speaks at DAA Summit in Chicago
More recently, Catherine travelled to Arlington, Virginia to participate in the Center for Industry Self-Regulation’s (CISR) Soft Law Summit. The event explored how effective self-regulatory frameworks can serve both industry, and society, as a whole, more fully. Catherine participated on a panel that discussed the role of self-regulation in industries that are already highly regulated, along with Justin Connor, Executive Director, Center for Industry Self-Regulation and Vice President, BBB National Programs, Lea Borkenhagen, Senior Vice President, EDF+Business, Environmental Defense Fund and Robert L.D. Colby, Chief Legal Officer, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Catherine also had the opportunity to attend and participate in the annual two-day Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Summit, which took place in the summer in Chicago, Illinois. Catherine joined a panel of her North American peers to provide an update on enforcement of the Self-Regulatory Principles in Canada.
We got a little facelift!
If you’ve visited our website recently you may have noticed that our homepage has undergone some changes! In an effort to serve you better, we’ve made improvements that will allow you to more easily access important information about upcoming events, new or revised resources, as well as a ‘quick navigation’ section to get you to key sections of our website more easily. Plus, we think the new look is easy on the eyes.

Upcoming Events
November 29 | 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m ET

Essential for new employees, and a refresher for seasoned staff, this French-language webinar is designed to assist marketers and agency personnel to understand and apply the requirements of the CRTC Code for Broadcast Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages. Using examples of existing television creative, Ad Standards Clearance analysts will discuss how to create compliant alcoholic beverage broadcast advertising.

Presented by The Canadian Institute
January 17-18, Toronto

Attend this conference for the latest legal and regulatory developments impacting the Canadian advertising and marketing landscape. Ad Standards' CEO, Catherine Bate, will speak about advertising regulatory priorities in 2024, and our Chief Legal Officer, Shelley Samel, will be speaking about compliant advertising programs for the marketing of food to children. Save 10% with promo code D10-999-ADS24.

Membership Renewal is Around the Corner
Thank you to all our members who continue to support effective advertising industry self-regulation in Canada. We look forward to working with you again. Ad Standards’ 2024 membership renewal invoices roll out the first week of November.

If you have any questions about your renewal, please contact Randy Sageman, Director, Member Relations, via email or phone: 416 961-6311 x 241.
Ad Standards | 416-961-6311 | info@adstandards.ca