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Dear Colleagues,
This edition of News and Notes includes a video featuring a student in Amherst sharing his perspective on learning Common Core math and a new installment of our video professional development series, which takes us inside a geometry class at Thomas High School in Webster, NY. In addition, we recap some of the discussions from last week's Board of Regents meeting, including insights from a panel of Career and Technical Education students and a presentation on Cultural Resources from the State Archives for Curriculum Support. Finally, we share information about how teachers can participate in summer workshops offered by the State Museum.
Thank you for all you do on behalf of the students across New York State.
John B. King, Jr.
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New York 6th grader: "I just like learning"
Learning about the mathematical concept of 'area' in Ms. Meegan's class is really "cool," says a sixth grader in this video! It's one of countless examples at Amherst Central School District in New York where students are meeting the challenge of Common Core Learning Standards every day.
Video Professional Development: Introduction to Volumes of Revolution
In the latest installment of our video professional development series, watch Geometry teacher Jamie Fagan from Webster, NY, guide his students to apply coordinate geometry and graphical solutions to inequalities in two variables to be able to compute perimeters of polygons and areas of triangles and rectangles. You'll see Mathematical Shift Coherence and Deep Understanding as Mr. Fagan efficiently sets-up his students to begin working and doing the math on their own, then scaffolds with questions as needed to support the students who are working in pairs on challenging problems.

Who: small group of educators (1-4)
What: video professional development

Benefits of Participation in Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO)
At last week's Board of Regents meeting, the Regents P-12 Committee heard a discussion from a panel of students who are members of SkillsUSA, the largest student organization aligned with CTE-related subject areas. The students talked about their participation in SkillsUSA and the impact that it has had on their education and career aspirations. The students shared the challenges associated with this program compared to their traditional courses and the skills they have gained from participating in the program.

The BOCES and schools represented on the panel are listed below. The students were also accompanied by Bruce Potter, SkillsUSA Director.

Capital Region BOCES
Criminal Justice

Monroe 2 BOCES
Advisor - Brandilyn Gage 

Orleans/Niagara BOCES
Advisor - Scott Brauer

Southern Adirondack BOCES
Graphic Communications
Advisor - Jeff Plummer

Ulster BOCES
Advisor - Kathy Lander

Williamsburg High School of Architecture and Design
Architectural Drafting
Advisor - Evelyn Diaz
Expansion of Integrated Credits in Approved CTE Programs
At its meeting last week, the Board of Regents addressed the question, "Should additional integrated CTE courses be considered for academic credit beyond what is currently allowed in � 100.5(d)(6) of the Commissioner's regulations?"

The P-12 Committee recommended that the Board allow additional integrated academic credits in approved CTE programs up to the number currently required for the academic subject area for graduation purposes. The State Education Department will draft regulations expanding the number of allowable integrated credits to 8 applied to respective core areas as determined at the local level.

More information is available in the Regents item about Expansion of Integrated Credits in Approved CTE Programs.
Cultural Resources from the State Archives for Curriculum Support
At last week's Board of Regents meeting, Julie Daniels, Coordinator of Educational Programs at the State Archives, spoke about programs offered by the State Archives that provide curricular support materials. The New York State Archives provides online access to primary source documents, photographs, historical maps, and images of collection objects along with support materials that facilitate use of these materials in a classroom setting. The primary delivery vehicle for these materials is a resource called Consider the Source. Consider the Source and other related resources have been used by tens of thousands of teachers. The Board received an update on the delivery, content and use of these educational resources.

More information is available in the Regents item on Cultural Resources from the State Archives for Curriculum Support.

Additional Resources:
New York State Archives Document Showcase
Consider the Source
Summer Teacher Workshops at the State Museum
New York State Museum building
The New York State Museum is offering two teacher workshops in July: an earth science workshop in Auburn, NY and an archaeology workshop in Albany, NY. More information about summer teacher workshops can be found here.