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December 2022 | Issue 22
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Welcome to the SST3 newsletter! Each month SST3 will share updates, educational topics that might be of interest to you, and upcoming professional development. We encourage you to review this information, share it with others and visit our website for additional information. We also would appreciate learning of topics that would support your work.

Director's Message

As educational leaders, we know the importance of reflection, however, it can be difficult to find time to employ reflective practices given the many demands on our time. The end of a calendar year brings a unique opportunity where things slow down just a bit. We take a collective pause during winter break which can be the perfect time to think about where you and your teams are headed in 2023. I am always on the lookout for new resources on leadership. 
Last month, Dr. Slater shared Brene Brown's Dare to Lead Podcast. This month, I want to share information about an organization called Next Jump. Based in New York City with offices in Boston and London, Next Jump is one of three companies globally recognized by Harvard as a “Deliberately Developmental Organization” or “DDO,” or a company that puts learning at the heart of its corporate culture and strategy ( Next Jump powers the Perks at Work platform and has a social mission to provide leadership development to their clients and beyond. The CEOs, Charlie Kim and Meghan Messenger facilitate a weekly Leadership in Practice course in their Community Online Academy. All weekly sessions can be viewed at, but I wanted to share a short video clip from their YouTube Channel, Step 1 for Leadership. Please take two minutes to watch this video. If you are like me, it may assist you in completing your year-end reflection.
On behalf of our entire SST3 Team, may you have a restful and renewing winter break! See you in 2023!

Michele (Shelly) Gaski
State Support Team Region 3

This one-day, virtual conference is designed to share powerful examples about how district, building, and teacher-based teams are working together to impact all learners AND showcase Ohio’s schools implementing PBIS with high fidelity. For the past two years, thousands of Ohio superintendents, principals, teachers, counselors, and others have participated in this FREE professional learning event. This year’s conference will feature three live keynote speakers and 20 on-demand, pre-recorded learning sessions from Ohio districts, schools, and organizations. Each on-demand session will be 30 minutes and each presentation team will have a designated time slot on December 6 to host a live Zoom Q&A session regarding their presentation.
To register please visit:
2022 OSEP Discipline-Behavior Guidance
Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) has launched a webpage on the OSEP Ideas that Work website to share implementation-related resources supporting OSEP’s recently released Guidance to Help Schools Support Students with Disabilities and Avoid Disparities In the Use of Discipline.
Online Ohio AASCD Certification

The certification to administer the Ohio AASCD is now all online—there are no more face-to-face trainings
You can access the online course via the AASCD testing portal.
You will use your district log in (same as the log in you use to access the assessment) to access the online modules. You must complete all three modules and once you start a module you need to finish it in that sitting—you cannot pause and come back later so plan accordingly (it will take between 30-60 mins per module).
Once you complete the modules you will be able to print a certificate and it will be reported back to your district test chair as well. If you have questions once you have completed the modules, feel free to contact Angie Chapple, or Anne Zito, at the SST3.

One Needs Assessment

ODE is currently preparing and gathering the data for the required questions. A collaborative team has been working with several offices in the agency to review questions for clarity and remove any that seem redundant. Several navigation and help enhancements have been added to the One Needs Assessment to better guide the users and connect required questions to federal and state law.  

Progress Monitoring Now

The ability to report results is now available in the system under report results on the One Plan dashboard or Planning drop-down. When a district enters their benchmark measures and first measurement, the system will create graphs demonstrating progress for student measures and adult measures. View the video demonstrating how to enter the results and describing the graphs that are available in the system. Learn how your district can begin to monitor the implementation and progress of its improvement plan. 

*More information on how to register will follow in the upcoming months*
ODE: COHORT 3 One Needs Assessment and One Plan
  • January 11, 2023 - 10 am - 12 pm
  • January 11, 2023 - 1 pm - 3 pm 
ODE Office Hours (Open to ED STEPS system users)
  • Starting February 2, 2023, 1-2 pm

Attendance Resources for
Early Childhood

This site from Ohio Family Engagement Center has some useful handouts to share with parents on attendance and helping children in preschool through first grade value their efforts. Additional attendance-related resources, can be found at the Attendance Works website.
PBIS Tier III Professional Development

SST3 and ESCNEO are happy to announce a new PBIS Tier III professional development opportunity. This 2-day training is intended for members of the PBIS Tier III teams to attend together or school personnel working in districts/buildings who are interested in learning more about Tier 3 implementation and potential readiness. Please click here to register today. Space is limited.

CASEL Webinar:

Educators around the globe are seeing an increase in demand and attention to social and emotional learning (SEL) to create successful and equitable outcomes for young people. This monthly series of thought leadership webinars addresses ten key aspects of high-quality systemic SEL. On December 16 the topic is Demystifying Systemic Social and Emotional Learning: Community Partnerships.
"The Dyslexia Law"

HB 436 "The Dyslexia Law" may require your district to change the screening measures you have used in the past. Check out this article for brief descriptions of screening assessments, alongside their purpose and utility.
Dyslexia Communication Tools for Schools

The Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center partnered with the Ohio Department of Education, Ohio families, and educators to develop sample communication tools and guidance for schools related to Ohio’s Dyslexia Laws. These resources are aligned with Ohio’s Dyslexia Guidebook for schools, and can be copied/adapted for local use. Check out these resources on their website. If you would like to request additional communication tools or have questions about the existing resources, please email Dr. Meredith Wellman at

Engaging Families for Student Mental Health
and Wellness

Dr. Brett Zyromski and Patrick Cunningham presented this webinar (session 19) on 11/8/22. The webinar is aligned with the Research Brief: Partnering with Families to Support Mental Health. The next Family Engagement Leader’s of Ohio meeting on 12/14/22 will be a discussion based on this webinar.
With the new Ohio Graduation Requirements effective with this year's graduating class, and the eventual implementation of the new Ohio School Report Card's College-Career-Workforce-Military Readiness Measure, graduation pathways, such as career-technical education, military enlistment, and apprenticeship programs are receiving renewed interest. To insure that all Ohio high school students have a meaningful education with a focus on preparedness for life after high school, graduation plans are not only a good thing, they are required for all students beginning in ninth grade.

A change in thinking about the value of a "college/university education for all" is underfoot, and the data does suggest that while a college/university degree is necessary for some occupations, there are many in-demand and well-paying jobs that do not require the four-year+ education. Here are some interesting resources that reframe the how we may view the education to occupation preparation paradigm.

Professional Development
State Support Team 3 is offering several opportunities for professional development. Click here to view our calendar of events. Please visit this site often as ever-changing circumstances may warrant cancellation or postponement of scheduled events.
Our Moral Imperative:
To ensure equitable access and achievement for all students, State Support Team 3 partners with districts and community schools to support inclusive leadership and collaborative teams in the implementation of an effective Multi-Tiered System of Support.

Belief Statement: 
We believe that ALL children/students have the right to belong, learn, and thrive in a
proactive, integrated, and rigorous learning environments.