The Latest On Hearing Practice Management In Our Virus World
COVID-19 Control and Prevention Tips From OSHA

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers guidance regarding COVID-19 workplace control and prevention strategies. Read More.

Some Positive COVID-19 News

Doug Beck recently shared an article posted on Linkedin from Alisha George, Immigration Manager at Nexus Migration in Canada. It itemizes some recent positive events in the global pandemic experience. Read More.

Communicating With Your Patients

It is important to keep your patients informed about your practice availability and how they can access your services during this crisis. To help, we are attaching HERE a draft letter crafted by our marketing resource partners that can guide you in developing your message. If you choose to send this message out via standard mail, we have a window envelope pre-printed with a stamp reading "Community Message Open Immediately" that you can use to mail your message. Simply contact your AHG representative for more information. Also AHG members should check the "Marketing Materials" Tab on the member website for other useful communication tools to keep patients informed during this crisis.

Hearing Review Survey

As announced in our last update, Hearing Review magazine is conducting a survey of hearing care practices to determine the current status of hearing care services in the midst of the social distancing recommendations. This information will help us at AHG determine how best we can proceed in helping all of our members deal with the circumstances they are encountering as they navigate through this time. If you haven't already done so, please take a few moments to complete the survey. We may be seeing the collected data this week. CLICK HERE to access the survey.