Here’s the buzz on the 2024 mosquito season 
April 10, 2024

With warmer weather coming, Edmontonians are eager to know how mosquitoes might impact their enjoyment of outdoor spaces this summer season.

“We know that everyone is itching to get outside and Spring is looking pretty dry at the moment, so we're not anticipating a lot of mosquito activity early in the season. The main driver of mosquitoes in Edmonton typically is rainfall,” said Mike Jenkins, Senior Scientist. “Our team is monitoring and adapting our 2024 mosquito forecast as temperature also plays an increasingly important role.”

The City will begin the annual ground control efforts this week, with ditches and areas around Edmonton monitored for development. Last year, increased biological methods to control mosquitoes, such as using copepods as biocontrol methods, were implemented and will continue this year.

Keeping mosquitoes under control at home
Edmontonians can help keep mosquito populations under control during the early spring and summer. Residents should check their backyards for places where water can collect and become stagnant, including:
  • rubber tires stored outdoors
  • eavestroughs
  • birdbaths or water fountains
  • fish ponds or ornamental pools
  • areas of ground where puddles naturally collect

Stagnant pools of water are places where mosquito larvae can develop. To prevent them from becoming nesting ground for biting mosquitoes, you should:
  • clear out standing water in yards or eavestroughs
  • cover rain barrels with lids to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs
  • replenish birdbaths, fountains, fish ponds and pools so they do not become stagnant

When mosquitoes do emerge, you can avoid bites by:
  • avoiding outdoor activities during dawn and dusk when the insects are most active
  • covering up with long pants and sleeves
  • using an effective repellent
  • running an oscillating fan when out on your deck or patio, as moving air is more effective at discouraging mosquitoes from coming near you than chemical products like mosquito coils

The Mosquito Control Program is an important service that proactively manages the mosquito population and ensures city parks and outdoor spaces are pleasant, healthy and safe to enjoy. Details on control measures, mosquito activity and area moisture levels can be found at
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