Experience Conservation in a big way with Wildlife Rescue at the Edmonton Valley Zoo
May 10, 2024

From the brink of extinction to thriving in the wild, the Edmonton Valley Zoo is proud to present a moving journey of conservation success stories.

Wildlife Rescue: Second Chance at Survival is a travelling exhibit of 12 detailed sculptures showcasing species of animals that have been pushed to the brink of extinction but have been successfully reintroduced to their natural ranges (where a specific species can be found in its lifetime) with the help of humans. The exhibition was created by Little Ray’s Exhibitions and features the artwork of Benji Paysnoe, an American sculptor and gallery designer who focuses on translating scientific knowledge into exciting works of art.

“The Edmonton Valley Zoo is excited to be hosting this wonderful exhibit as it supports our visions for inspiring the protection and conservation of animals and the world we live in,” said Tannia Franke, Management Supervisor of Arts, Nature and History Experiences. “Our guests will be able to see and touch some of the greatest conservation success stories of animals in the world.”

Wildlife Rescue: Second Chance at Survival features 12 climbable animal sculptures featuring tales of conservation and reintroduction to the wild. Some species highlighted include bald eagle, black-footed ferret, burrowing owl, flame knee tarantula and leatherback sea turtle. Of particular importance to the zoo is the inclusion of the northern leopard frog, an endangered species the Edmonton Valley Zoo is actively working to protect and reintroduce into the wild as part of the Northern Leopard Frog Recovery Team.

The Edmonton Valley Zoo is open daily to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wildlife Rescue will be displayed for a limited engagement through September 15. Reservations can be booked online at MoveLearnPlay, and we also continue to accept walk-up guests at the gate. Admission is included with annual memberships.
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