Protect Your Privacy

Secure your voice assistant device.

Your wish is their command. Voice assistants — like Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and others — can do cool things like tell you the weather, order your favorite pizza, or turn your lights off before bed. And, depending on the voice assistant and which permissions you give, voice assistants might read your emails out loud and access your calendar and contacts. Here’s what to do to keep your voice assistant secure.

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Slow Connection? It might be your router.

Upgrading your router to the latest WiFi standard, such as WiFi 6 or WiFi 6E can significantly improve Internet speeds and ensure that you fully realize the speeds you should be receiving, across all your devices. 

Older WiFi standards and outdated routers have limitations in terms of the maximum speed and bandwidth they can support. For example, older routers are only capable of transmitting data at speeds of up to several hundred Mbps, which is not sufficient for our modern high-speed fiber Internet connections. However, WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E are capable of delivering our gigabit speeds, which can support even the most demanding Internet applications, such as 4K video streaming, online gaming, and video conferencing for you work from folks.

At the center of your service is the GigaSpire BLAST router. 

You're not going to find this in big box stores or online either. The GigaSpire BLAST is a fast, state-of-the-art system that is fully compatible with all your devices, from phones and laptops to entertainment systems and smart appliances. And the best part is that it's secured, managed, and supported by us, and incredibly easy to customize through the dedicated Polar WiFi mobile app. Plus, with features like content controls and network security built right in, your devices and family are protected at all times.

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Know what's below.

Whether commercial or personal, summer projects often mean digging. But what happens if you damage a utility? The cost could mean thousands of dollars in repairs and fines. Soon, that little project is a big project. There is a free solution — Call 811! Let them know of your project and all your underground utilities will be located and marked so you can avoid damage. 

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