Summer/Fall 2022
Summer is Always Busy
With the first half of 2022 behind us, we hope the filtration side of your business is functioning closer to normal now. Lead times at Glasfloss have improved substantially, most notably during the second quarter. Staffing and supply chain developments have helped improve capacity and consistency throughout operations.

Work is beginning to feel like an extremely busy summer compared to recent years. To maintain this trend we continue to monitor and perform many tasks that were unnecessary in the past. We are still dealing with transportation issues and a host of other constraints, but overall operations have improved. Unfortunately, inflationary pressures remain a persistent concern.

It does feel good to gain some solid footing and return to serving your Filtration needs the “Glasfloss Way”. Our family owned all-American business is committed to a tradition of service that we have provided since Joe DiMaggio made his major league debut in 1936.
Thank you for your support, we will continue working hard to earn it.


Scott Lange

Jacksonville Plant Expansion Near Completion

We are excited to announce our new 30,000 square foot Jacksonville plant expansion is near completion. The addition will add significant shipping and manufacturing space to meet demand in the growing south east markets.
Puracell VP-GA 4V Gas Adsorber
Did you know? Glasfloss has introduced our Puracell VP-GA 4V gas adsorber. The Puracell VP-GA offers MERV 15 performance combined with 500 grams per square meter of activated carbon to remove a multitude of odors and VOC's. The compact dual media design allows for convenient installation in many HVAC applications.
Magna HT High Temp Series
For demanding high temperature applications, Glasfloss has you covered with the Magna HT Series. The Magna HT Series offers filters for 350, 500, 750 and 900 degree applications and MERV 11, 13 and 14 performance ranges.
Customer Freight Receiving Guidelines
Top Tips for Receiving freight:

1. Inspect freight before signing delivery receipt. Be specific when noting damages.
2. Take pictures of damaged cartons and pallets. (As being received off truck if obvious damage)
3. When Glasfloss is contracting with the carrier, damaged boxes should be refused and properly noted on the delivery receipt.
4. Note shortages on the delivery receipt unless part of a pallet with "Glasfloss" tape intact.
5. If palletized freight, make sure "Glasfloss" tape still intact otherwise inspect thoroughly.
6. Receiving personnel (NOT the driver) should note damages or shortages on the delivery receipt.
7. If the driver does not want to wait for inspection then it should be noted on the delivery receipt.
8. Hidden or damaged product, not refused, must be held until Glasfloss C/S advises or 120 days.
9. Hidden damages must be reported to carrier within 5 days. These claims have limited success.
10. Be aware of any special or accessorial charges you are signing for!
**With any delivery issues please contact your Glasfloss customer service representative**