Apple warns iPhone users about overnight iPhone charging

Apple warns iPhone users not to charge their devices under pillows or blankets and advises against using uncertified third-party charging accessories to prevent fire hazards, electric shock, and damage. READ MORE

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Q & A with Ray

Raymond Goyco, Jr. is CEO at Baker Aviation Services Group and co-founded HOT-STOP 'L' Fire Containment more than 17-years ago. His knowledge of lithium-ion battery containment in today's powerful portable devices is exceptional and his passion for safety goes above and beyond.

How do I know what size containment bag to purchase?

When choosing the right size containment bag, it is important to consider both the watt-hour rating (how much energy the battery expends in an hour) and the actual physical size of your device. Surprisingly, even smaller devices, such as portable chargers, may have higher watt-hours and require a larger vessel to ensure safe containment. If any device exceeds the 100-watt-hour limit, airlines require special permission to carry on board.

As an additional tip for tablet device purchasers, we see many customers returning to purchase the ‘HOT-STOP ‘L’ Oversized Tablet kit for the cockpit after already purchasing a Tablet kit earlier. Many flight operations upgrade their tablets after a couple of years and move into the larger model and then need to purchase a larger HOT-STOP kit. Please keep this in mind when selecting containment kits for the cockpit as it could be more economical to choose the larger kit the first time around.

HOT-STOP ‘L’ is a pioneer in fire containment technology, offering kits in multiple sizes to accommodate various devices. Our extensive expertise and testing guarantee that we can help you find the perfect fit for your needs. When placing your order, our customer service team will also assist you in selecting the appropriate size bag, ensuring you receive the best solution for your device. 

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FDA Tips for Avoiding Vape Battery Fires

We thought it would be helpful to share tips from the FDA on how to avoid vaping battery fires: FDA Tips for Avoiding Vape Battery Fires: SEE THE TIPS

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