Since moving to San Diego five years ago, I ripped out my lawn, and put out the welcome sign for critters by planting native plants. My garden and the critters that share it with me are even more important to me these  home bound  days. The black sage is blooming out with digger bees (white face males ) on  zoom  patrol. The chunky little  black tail bumbles finished with the arctostaphylos  are on to the sage and ceanothus Buckwheats  are on the way.  Several other small native bees are seen on the annual assortment of the usual miscellaneous poppies, clarkias, goldfields. Butterflies, hover flies,wasps are showing up. And then , there's the unexpected drama of witnessing a lizard catch and eat at honey bee. Who knew?   So much life in my small urban lot. Making a home for these creatures by planting these local native plants and leaving areas undisturbed was meant as a gift to them, but it's turning out to be an  immeasurable  gift to me.  

Diane and Miranda Kennedy own and operate Finch Frolic Garden Permaculture,