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November 2019 | Issue 3
Revealing the Champion in all of us...
Athlete's Corner with Billy Duquette
Seasons Change

The Area 26 athletes are starting to finish up with the fall season and heading into the winter season. November 2 nd and 3rd will be the Fall Championships down in Virginia Beach. The sports that the athletes will participate in for the Fall are bowling, soccer, golf, bocce and volleyball. The Area 26 athletes who are competing in those sport programs will try their best in fair competition and sportsmanship.
Getting ready for Winter, on October 23 the Area Chair Elaine Tilton held our annual basketball coaches meeting, to bring the coaches in to go over some of the new policies and rule changes and prepare themselves for the upcoming basketball season. As athlete representative, I raised an issue in the meeting with the coaches that we need to work on some problems with the basketball referees, and we made a plan to try and resolve the issue for the upcoming season. After the fall champs are over, and the athletes start to focus on the basketball season we will also plan our participating in the fundraising events like Polar Plunge that help pay for our season.

Talk to you next month,
Nysmith School
On October 23rd, Nysmith School for the Gifted ran its annual Make The Point basketball fundraiser for Special Olympics in our Area. Five athletes from GMU and the Legends joined Area Council Chair Elaine cheering on the young athletes and raising awareness of Special Olympics and inclusion.

For the second year in a row, Global Messenger Kyler Reese gave the introductory speech for the event, explaining the rewards and challenges of being a Special Olympian.
Athletes Kevin and Kyler from GMU and Jeff, Jay and Sean from the Legends taught some ball skills and shooting techniques, and interacted with the crowd.
November Featured Sport: Cross Country Skiing
Cross Country Skiing is 1/2 of a special Winter duo for the Area. Athletes participate in long treks through the snow-covered countryside on long skis. The other group at the site goes deeper off track on snowshoes. Both groups have a wonderful time in areas most people don't get to see. If you want to experience the outdoors in a totally new way in Winter, consider joining this intrepid group.

Contact: Nancy Julia
Season: November - January
Practice Location(s): Eakin Park
Levels and Equipment : All ages and skill levels welcome to come try the sport

Competition is held in Whitegrass Ski Touring Center  in Canaan Valley, West Virginia Jan. 23-24 (Thursday and Friday)
Marine Corps Marathon 2019
On a VERY rainy Sunday this month, some of our braver runners participated in the 2019 MCM. Khang Le, Bruce McGiboney, Danilo Benitez, Max Hershberger and running coach Jeff McGiboney ran (swam?) across Washington representing our Area.

Mission accomplished!! !! This morning I ran the Marine Corps Marathon 10k (6.2) miles it was a little rainy but I finished strong. Got a finishing medal and a 2nd place medal so I’m very proud of myself. 🙂💪🏽
-Danilo Benitez
I had a fun morning running the Full Marine Corp Marathon!! The course was flat & little hilly as well. The weather was raining today!! I still had fun running in the rain. I saw Georgetown castle, Potomac river, and heard some good band music. 3 mile marker they passed out water, Gatorade & oranges!!. Overall it went well and my time was 3:38:14!! I had a fabulous time at the race!’ - Max Hershberger
2020 Polar Plunge Pages are Open
The donation and plunging pages for the 2020 Plunge are now open. There are two sites this year for Area 26 - the Mosaic District on January 25th, and Prince William, February 22nd.

Sign up and get more information by clicking below. 50% of funds raised go direclty to Area 26, and the other 50% funds athletes (including ours) across VA.
Upcoming Events
2-3 November: State Fall Championships
15 November Basketball Practice Season Opens
15-17 November Flag Football at NIRSA in College Park
Area 26 Points of Contact
Area 26 Council

Elaine Tilton

Billy Duquette
Bruce Fingerhut
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Season Directors
Elaine Tilton, Fall/Winter

Nancy Julia, Spring/Summer

Barry Tilton

Medical Coordinator
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Senior Director, Potomac Region
Veronica Jennings

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