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Bringing 2019 To A Close
As this year draws to an end, I am grateful for the time that I have spent with each person and horse this past year. These experiences with you all warm my heart and energize me. I am looking forward to 2020 and the continuation of our work together.

With the New Year before us, I remind you of my mission– why I teach this work and share it with your to learn: 

Connection : experiencing a closer and better understanding with your horse, yourself and others. 

Reciprocity : feeling what it is like to not only give, but to receive as gracefully. 

Communication: be clear, be honest, be real. 

Kinship: appreciate the support that our community of like-minded people provide each other for the good of all.

The School of Connected Riding courses are expanding with the addition of our new SCRT 100 course and other new courses at our 200 level are continuing to be developed. By 2021 our practitioner membership will double in size, and we have some talented people from around the world joining our group.

As this year ends, I wish to honor some of our “angels” that help our wheel turn and believe in our mission. Susan Cook, Stephanie Jacobson, Stephenie Willius, Judy Good, Anke Johnson, Christina Dietmann, Conni Schneider, Sandy Weller, Anja Goertzen and all of the fabulous people who host our events worldwide.

A hearty thanks as well to the instructors and practitioners teaching the work worldwide who are out there week by week, teaching, traveling, and caring about the horses and people they reach.

Thank you to all and Happy New Year!

Peggy Cummings
Editorial note:
Our next Newsletter in March will have a new look and feel. We’re happy to offer a more inclusive international newsletter that reflects the extent to which Connected Riding is reaching people and horses worldwide. Please send us your stories, success, questions and comments to us at  info@connectedriding.com .
Happy New Year!
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