News & Notes #5

January 26, 2024

In this issue:

  • Messages from Jonathan & our Producers

  • Alto/Soprano Sectionals Thursday, Feb 1

  • Concert Attire: Blue and Orange

  • Spread the word!

  • Last week's rehearsal video

Jonathan's Notes

Hello singing friends

Thanks for another productive rehearsal. We’re half-way through our season and hopefully you feel good about our readiness for a great concert.  Of course you’ll be inviting your friends and family, but do consider casting your net of invitations as widely as possible. The bigger our audience, the more love we get and the better we sound!

I spared you (mercifully, I think) me singing the solo part in TRADING MY SORROWS, but  its’s a fun verse and not hard to sing. Give the playlist a listen and see if it’s right for you.  We were fortunate enough  however, to review all the other songs requiring a solo for the concert. You can listen to the rehearsal recording to review each one of them. To successfully prepare for your solo audition:

  1. Listen to the original (a lot! like, a lot!)
  2. memorize the words
  3. practice singing without the recording
  4. then, practice singing with the recording
  5. Don’t forget your self care!  If you know you’re gonna get nervous, (which most of us do), include in your practice things that will calm you before you launch into singing.
  6. Have fun!

Our sectional rehearsals are coming up soon.  We hope to use them do dig in a little deeper into the parts for each song. I’ll reserve time for your questions so please let me know if there is something specific you’re wondering about.

We’re fortunate to have a special guest vocalist this season.

Berklee Professor Nichelle Mungo gave us a wonderful vocal clinic during our pandemic sessions and will be back again to perform live with us in Cary! She will be singing along with us and also performing some solo selections as well.  She’s active online so feel free to connect with her at

I look forward to seeing you all at the next sectional and the next rehearsal!


From the Producers...

Hey Mystic Choralers!

I just want to thank everyone for making it through the rain and snow and frigid temperatures, to come make music together, and for those that could not join us in person (including me for a few rehearsals recently), I hope you felt as much love, light, and warmth through the livestream, as I did.  

Jonathan says it all in his comments, so the only thing I'll add, is:

-  There are about 20 name badges to be claimed, so if you ordered one, please pick it up;

-  Don't forget to sign in at rehearsals.

-  Please spread the word about the concert to everyone you know, and take care of yourselves.

See you next week!  

Health Update

We have heard from member of the Alto section that she tested postive for Covid on Wednesday. Her symptoms are mild.

At rehearsal she was not wearing a mask while singing, but she was sitting on the aisle, with no one next to her. She did wear a mask while checking in and leaving for the night.

As always, if you have any symptoms or concerns for yourself, we recommend that you test.

If you test positive for Covid, please let us know by emailing Linda at We not share your name, but will notify the chorus with non-identifying information so they can decide if they want to test.

Thank you.

Concert Attire

Concert Attire:

Blue & Orange!

You may wear all black with blue and/or orange accents OR black bottoms with blue or orange top

Black on the bottom includes:

Black pants, slacks or skirt, black shoes and socks.

Tops may be black, blue or orange:

Please stick to our three colors. The image above is meant to give you the general idea. No sleeveless tops or deep cleavage, please.

Accents may include be blue and/or orange:

Ties, scarves, jewelry, etc.

Alto & Soprano Sectionals

REMINDER: Alto & Soprano Sectionals:

Next Thursday, February 1

7:00 - 7:55: Altos

8:00 - 8:55: Sopranos

in the Vestry

A whole hour to focus on JUST YOUR PART! Jonathan will run through your parts for all our songs - a GREAT way to really hear and learn your part.


  • Sectional attendance is not required, but is a fabulous learning opportunity.

  • Sectionals can be used as a make-up for other absences.

  • Sectionals will not be livestreamed.

  • Please bring a recording device if you can.

Questions about the season?

Reach out to Alexandra & Jill at:

Our Producers are volunteers with busy lives! They will do their best to get back to you within 24 hours.


There's nothing more exciting than singing for a full house! Let's all do our part to spread the word!

We'll provide posters, flyers, an evite and social media posts to share. If we all invite even just a few friends and family, we can have the audience of our dreams!!

If you haven't already, please pick up a few flyers at rehearsal and take them with you wherever you go - post them at the library, your favorite coffeeshop, shop windows, community bulletin boards and anywhere else you can think of!

If you're on Facebook, make sure to follow Mystic, and like, comment on, and share our posts. Why not do it now? Here's the link:

Go to the Mystic Chorale Facebook page...

Don't feel confident yet that we'll learn all the music in time...?

Please don't let that stop you - we feel that way every season! But we ALWAYS have a great concert in the end. Trust in Jonathan and get out there to spread the word!! Thank you!


YouTube Playlist

A great way to learn and internalize our songs!

Even if you can't pick out your part (yet!), you'll learn a LOT by listening - words, timing, rhythm... keep listening and you'll get there!!

Go to the YouTube Playlist:

VIDEO: Last Week's Rehearsal

Annotated for easy review!

In this video:

01:24 - Marvelous

04:28 - Warm ups

12:50 - He Will See You Through

27:33 - Something Inside So Strong

1:17:00 - Announcements


1:25:44 - Joy

1:29:30 - How I Got Over

1:34:48 - Something Inside So Strong

1:43:05 - Up Above My Head

1:46:28 - Our Voices Matter

1:58:00 - Trading My Sorrows (review of the chorus part. To hear the solo part, listen to the video on our playlist)

PRO TIP: Click on the video to open it in YouTube. Scroll down to find "Key Moments" - you may need to click "more" to find this. Click on the song you want and the video will advance to that spot for easy review.

For Virtual Singers

Livestream Instructions & Tips

Welcome Virtual Singers!!

We are so glad you are joining us, and look forward to having you there "with us" in the rehearsal hall!

What you will need:

  • A computer/laptop (recommended) We recommend your computer or laptop - the bigger the screen, and the better your speakers, the more you will feel "with" us. But a tablet, ipad or phone will work, too.

  • Headphones, Earbuds or External Speakers (highly recommended). The better your speakers, the more you will hear the director and singers in the room.

  • A place to sit and sing comfortably. We suggest an upright chair, similar to what you would find at rehearsal. A soft chair or couch is not as conducive to good singing.

How to tune into the Livestream:

At 7:30 on Tuesday, click the video preview or link below, and you'll be with us! Each week, we'll post the livestream link here in News & Notes, and on the website, here

If we lose the Livestream signal:

Occasionally, we lose the livestream signal due to a poor internet connection. If that happens, go to the "Just in case" backup link below. We'll try to be back up and running asap!

How to watch the video after the rehearsal:

If you miss the Livestream on Tuesday night, it will be available on our website and a YouTube Playlist   after rehearsal.  

Livestream Rehearsal

Click the image below to join the rehearsal from home:

"JUST IN CASE" - Backup Livestream Link

Occasionally, we lose the livestream signal due to a poor internet connection. If that happens, go to the "backup link" below. We'll try to be back up and running asap!

Backup link (for use ONLY if we lose the livestream):


Rehearsals:  8 Tuesdays, January 2 – February 20, 7:30-9:30 pm. First Parish Unitarian, 630 Mass Ave., Arlington, MA.

Attendance Policy:

Please note that you may miss no more than 2 rehearsals to sing in the concert. New this season: You may count ONE Livestream rehearsal towards your attendance requirement. Sectional counts as make-up for a missed rehearsal.

Deadline to drop out with a refund:

Wednesday, January 10, by 12:00 noon

You will receive a refund, minus a $20 cancelation fee


Basses – Thursday, January 25, 7:00-7:55

Tenors – Thursday, January 25, 8:00-8:55

Altos – Thursday, February 1, 7:00-7:55

Sopranos – Thursday, February 1, 8:00-8:55

Solo Auditions:

Tuesday, Jan 30 after rehearsal

Tuesday, Feb 6 before and after rehearsal

Snow date (if needed):

Thursday, February 15, 7:30-9:30

St John's Episcopal, 74 Pleasant St, Arlington

(one block from our regular rehearsal location)


Dress/Tech Rehearsal: Thursday, February 22, 7:00-9:30

Cary Hall, Lexington, MA

Concert: Friday, February 23, Call time 5:00 pm

Cary Hall, Lexington

Concert Attire: Blue & Orange!

You may wear all black with blue and/or orange accents -OR- black bottoms with blue or orange top

Where to watch the livestream or video:

See you soon!

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