Hi! I’m Will Newman, Principal and Owner of Newman’s Financial Planning. After years in the financial industry, I started my own firm because I’ve seen all sides of the industry and never felt clients were treated fairly. I want to be able to give families and individuals financial freedom and wealth without a large company overhead and hidden costs. I act as a fee-only fiduciary, which means by law I am required to act in the clients’ best interest. Most financial advisors are not fiduciaries, so why would you entrust them with your hard-earned money knowing they are receiving commissions, kickbacks and incentives with your money – the mostly hidden costs that you incur. Integrity is a fundamental value for Newman’s Financial Planning. I’m passionate about helping people like you manage their wealth in the most profitable way possible. Money doesn’t come with instructions. Let me help you navigate this tough industry and achieve long-term wealth at the lowest cost – as your fiduciary and your personal and independent experienced Financial Planner. 
Adhering to the  Fiduciary Standard

Most of us know the large majority financial advisors are commission based, meaning they charge you a commission each time they move money around in your account. This is what makes Newman’s Financial Planning different from the rest; our fiduciary promise coupled with low fees.

Clients are becoming much more aware of the fees they are currently paying their advisors and are seeing how advisors typically recommend mutual funds that have expensive "load" fees, some as high as 5.75%. These commission-based advisors also do not adhere to the Fiduciary standard. The Fiduciary standard requires investment advisors to act in their clients' best interests. Most advisors adhere to the lower standard, the suitability standard. This standard only requires an advisor to meet the lower threshold of "suitability,"  meaning that advisors can recommend almost any investment product, including those that are in their best interests, not yours.

Here are three questions for you and your advisor:

What You Can Expect with Newman’s Financial Planning

Newman's Financial Planning adheres to the Fiduciary standard. I am a "Fee-Only" Registered Investment Advisor. Fee-Only means we do not charge any commissions or receive kickbacks from any company or individual. I am dedicated to providing investment management and strategic wealth planning to each of my clients. Simply put, I strive to be my client’s trusted advisor. As a financial advisory firm, my primary focus is to provide unbiased opinions that are designed to achieve long term investment results - that put your financial interests first.

What you can expect:

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