Grote Multi-Slicer, Model 613-90

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Slicers and Dicers and Cutters!

Our machines this week are looking sharp! From veggies to beef, it takes deft, powerful precision to get a product from its origin to the consumer's plate in just the right shape and size. The slicers and cutters featured below have earned their sterling reputation for accomplishing that very thing.

Featured today is our pair of Grote Multi Slicers, Model 613-90. When it comes to slicing excellence, Grote's name consistently tops the list, and for good reason! This Multi-Slicer's compact, caster-equipped construction makes it easy to place anywhere in your facility. Its design allows for the slicing of multiple products at the same time, across multiple lanes, with simple changeouts. Continuous product loading and gravity feed even eliminates downtime.

If you're looking for a slicer (or two!) like this, let us know!

Please also let us know if you have surplus equipment you'd like to sell. Questions, or looking for a particular machine? Let us know that too! Serving you is truly our privilege.

Grote Multi-Slicer, Model 613-90

This Grote 613 Multi-Slicer can produce slice thickness ranging from 0.04″ to 0.50” (1-12.7 mm).

Previously used in a salad processing application.

Good condition.

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Dofra Cutter

Used 2013 Dofra cutter, Model MVC-4000. Last used to cut fruit.

Good condition.

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Carruthers AdvantEdge Dicer

Carruthers Model AE5000 AdvantEdge dicer.

Good condition.

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Yanagiya Bowl Chopper

Yanagiya bowl chopper. Standard load size is about 200kg.

Please contact us for additional information.

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SEPAmatic 4000 Deboner

SEPAmatic is a gentle and energy-efficient machine system to separate different meat, fish, vegetables, or other mainly natural food compounds between its different textures.

Last used in a fish facility.

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Tip & Tail Slicer Cutter

Slicer for cutting elongated vegetables with the ability to top / tail products.

Previously used as green onion root topper for the processing and packaging of bagged salads.

Good condition.

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