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This week's new inventory!

Today it's our privilege showcasing three of the newest machines in our inventory. One of the delights of being an equipment butler is the incredible diversity we see zipping in and out of our warehouse doors. Today's mailer couldn't illustrate that better!

Topping our list this week, and broadly diverse in capabilities itself, is our Innotech powered washer. Its guide rails are fully adjustable, making it perfect for all sorts and sizes of containers. The clip-on nozzles also allow for adjustable spray patterns, and the machine's casters make it a cinch to locate the machine anywhere you need it. Have you been looking for a washer like this? Ask us for a quote!

Speaking of diversity, we don't just sell equipment--we are in the market to buy equipment too. Let us help alleviate that over-crowded warehouse or storage yard by finding a home for your surplus equipment. Fill out our form here and we'll be in touch asap.

Thank you as always for allowing us to serve you!

Powered Bin/Lug Washer

This Innotech washer includes a recirculating water flow with a filter screen, with casters and a lift-off doors for open access and clip-on nozzles with an adjustable spray pattern. Also includes adjustable guide rails, allowing for a wide variety of containers.

In good condition.

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Blentech RotaMassager Mixer

This mixer is a single 31" paddle agitator system. It is made up of a chilling jacket with stainless steel heat shields on the sides.

Capacity: 1285 lbs

Previously used to chill poultry products under full vacuum.

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Pro Pack Flow Wrapper

A Minitronic-400, featuring full servo technology.

In good condition.

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We are actively hunting the following machines. If you've got one or know where we might find one, please let us know!

  • Urschel TranSlicer 2500

  • Safeline/Mettler Toledo metal detector with minimum aperture 12" x 5"

  • Tomra Best Genius 1200 color sorter
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