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Thermoformers at your service!

No matter what part of the food processing or packaging industries you call home, forming is something you may have always known. As kids, many of us spent hours deep in rainy day mud or perfect damp sand, crafting make-believe ice cream scoops we then tried convincing our parents to buy. Perhaps other times, like on a lazy Saturday afternoon, we stood on a chair helping Grandma shape corn tortillas or chocolate chip cookies.

This week, as we officially welcome summer, The Equipment Butler is delighted to continue that imaginative, creative tradition by featuring three of our thermoforming machines. Taking center stage is our 2015 Rollstock RS series machine, which was running great right up until it was removed from service. It's accompanied by two different sets of dies, detailed in the listing below. If you're interested, please reach out for a quote!

We are constantly adding new machines, so we also welcome you to check out our full inventory here. Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

PS. And if you're suddenly craving cookies and need a recipe, we highly recommend one of our favorites, the frosted maple pecan white chip cookie (with a strong cup of Stumptown coffee, of course). No mud required!

Rollstock RS Series

This 2015 machine is in good condition, and was running great up until its removal in November. The included dies are roughly 4×4 inch square with header; the second included set is ~ 2” wide x 6” long.

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Kramer & Grebe Tiromat Thermoformer

This Model 3000 /430 thermoformer is equipped with:

– Bosch pump Type RA0302 D 563

– Chiller

– Vacuum trim tank, model Phoenix SR0400D

– Date stamp


As of April 2024, the machine is still in production, running a 2×2 pattern of chunks of fish. 

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Rollstock Thermoformer

Near-new condition, 2022 thermoforming packaging machine, operated only for testing.

Model RA-200/355 Aluminum Vacuum Packaging.

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