Risk Management Matters:

Prioritizing Safety This September

Telcom Insurance Group is committed to protecting your company, offering helpful insights as well as personalized coverage. This month, we’ve included some great information about hiring independent contractors, as well as ensuring your company is protected from cyber threats. From staffing to safety, we’ve got you covered! Read on to learn more, then contact our team for a quote today!

Cyber 7s: The Not-So-Lucky Number

Peter Elliott, TIG President & CEO

While 7s at the craps table are welcome, the number is far from lucky in the cyber world. The statistics below will prove that, when it comes to cyber liability, your company truly cannot afford to roll the dice. Failing to protect against cyber threats could be disastrous, not only leaving your company vulnerable but putting the clients it serves at risk.

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How to Hire: IRS Classification Factors

Marilyn A. Blake

Before hiring an independent subcontractor, the Telcom team recommends considering the following IRS classification factors. We have even created a checklist that makes it simple! To receive our Pre-Hire Worksheet, contact us today! 

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