Watershed Roundup

December 2022 Newsletter from the 30 Mile River Watershed Association

30 Mile’s Future Home

We are thrilled to announce that last month, thanks to a generous donor, we purchased a building to become 30 Mile’s first home in the watershed! The building is located in Mt. Vernon Village, just off Rt. 41 at 6 Seavey Corner Rd. The location is ideal: It is near the lakes and ponds where we do our work, is easily accessible, and even has views of three bodies of water. The building will provide space for offices, a large meeting room, a water quality lab, exhibits, and storage for our kayaks, YCC tools, and monitoring equipment. 

The building has great potential, but needs major renovations before we can move in. We have already had two volunteer work parties and expect many more. As the building is renovated, we believe it will play a major role in revitalizing Mt. Vernon Village, while supporting our mission. Stay tuned for more information about how you can get involved in this community project! 

Photos: (1) Our building in Mt. Vernon Village; (2) volunteers Josh Robbins, Bill Swan and Waine Whittier repair the roof; (3-4) volunteers Steve and Beth Trehu join others to remove overgrown vegetation; (header) volunteers at our first work party: Steve and Diana McLaughlin, Bill Swan, Lidie Robbins (staff), Waine Whittier, Josh Robbins, Beth Trehu, and Steve Trehu. Not pictured: Kirstie Ludwig, Tom Giordano, Millie Whittier, Lori Putnam (staff) and Whitney Baker (staff).

We greatly appreciate the work of Trisha Cheney, an associate broker with Lakepoint Real Estate, who donated her time to assist us with the building purchase and helped make this possible. Thank you Trisha and Lakepoint!

"At Lakepoint Real Estate, we believe that the health of our lakes and lands is our responsibility as a community.  We are passionate about our lakes and lands, which is why we volunteer our time and financial support to all of our conservation organizations, including the 30 Mile River Watershed Association. It is a privilege to support these causes and deepen our relationship with the community." - Dan McCarron, owner of Lakepoint Real Estate

Help us get the rest of the way!

Because the threats to our lakes are growing, our work is never done. Thanks to your support, we are able to continue to tackle these challenges head-on. With December 31st closing in fast, your gift to help us reach our $120K goal will make a big difference.

It takes a community working together to protect the health of our lakes, ponds, and streams. We are grateful for every gift! Please support our beautiful lakes and all the ways they enhance our lives. 

Make your gift today!

Donate online or by mailing a check to

30 Mile River Watershed Association,

P.O. Box 132, Mt. Vernon, ME 04352

Photo: Whittier Pond Milky Way by Ned Van Woert

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Another Successful Season of

Water Quality Monitoring

30 Mile staff, alongside our many dedicated volunteers, monitored water quality in 11 lakes and ponds this year - completing more than 80 sampling events! We are now in the midst of data entry and analysis, and over the winter will be compiling or findings into our annual lake reports. In the meantime, check out the dissolved oxygen/temperature profiles and clarity readings we collected this season by visiting our website

A BIG THANKS to volunteers who made this program possible in 2022:

Androscoggin Lake: Patt Koscinski, Allen & Cynthia Unrein, Buddy Cummings, and Ian Barclay

Basin Pond: Bill Young, Cindy Ripley, and Nick & Elsie Baker

David Pond: Kirstie Ludwig and Fred Jackman

Echo Lake: Gary Phillips

Flying Pond: Len & Debbie Roe, and Randy & Wendy Oakley

Kimball Pond: Libby & Allan Harville

Lovejoy Pond: Ted & Mary Becker, and Deb Aseltine

Minnehonk Lake: Jane & Carl Rogers 

Parker Pond: Bob Weimont & Maggie Chadwick, and Sue Knorr & family

Pocasset Lake: Jeremy Smith, Deb Duplisea, Will Jennings, and Lloyd Irland

Tilton Pond: Jim Brogan

LakeSmart 2022:

Landowner Education for Healthier Lakes

30 Mile is a regional LakeSmart “HUB” support center, helping our lake associations deliver LakeSmart education property-by-property and shore-by-shore to create a conservation ethic across the lake community. This year the 30 Mile LakeSmart teams completed evaluations for 30 participating landowners, with 16 of the evaluated properties receiving LakeSmart awards. 

Becoming LakeSmart is one of the best things you can do to protect your lake. To request a FREE evaluation by your local LakeSmart team, visit our website to learn more!

LakeSmart would not be possible without our partner lake associations and the volunteer coordinators and evaluators doing this work:

Androscoggin Lake: Buddy Cummings, Patt Koscinski, Cynthia Giguere-Unrein, Allen Unrein, and John Yindra

Flying Pond: Cindy Ripley, Diane Araps, Steve Trehu, and John Zacker

Minnehonk Lake: Jenny Small and Jan Arminio

Parker & David Ponds: Deb Cayer, Susan Tinguely, and Gerry Tinguely

A special THANKS to the participating landowners in 2022:

Doug & Nona Boyink, Jim & Beth Breazeale, Colin Brigham, Alex & Jennifer Brown, Meghan Carroll, Greg & Meg Cortelyou, Steve Cowperthwaite, Paul & MaryAnn Demers, Laurel & Danny Elder, Doug Frantzen, Steve & Janet Freeman, Linda Gatti-Fyler, Peter Goffin & Marsha Clark, Mark & Susan Hagopian, Nancy & Todd Hemphill, Audra & David Knightly, Catherine Levesque, Marion & Don Matson, Robert & Irma Miller, Monica Murray-Webb, Carroll & Gerry Paradis, Janet Perkins & Vic Bernhard, Lori Putnam, Len & Debbie Roe, Bill & Karen Rogers, Jane & Carl Rogers, Rachel Shearer, Jerry Slavet, David Terrio, and Ted Tucci.

Photo: Peter Goffin & Marsha Clark (right), with Flying Pond LakeSmart coordinator Cindy Ripley, receiving their LakeSmart award

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