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75 wineries along the Wine Road that accept reservations, but are also thrilled to host Walk-In Tasters.

Be...spontaneous, adventurous, curious ~ it will be FABULOUS!

We love sharing this video from

J. Rickards Winery

and this Bluebird photo from

Ridge Vineyards.

Bluebird at Ridge Vineyards

Another reason to visit in spring!

If you find yourself fascinated by those bird boxes spotted around the vineyards, you're in for a treat! They're part of a concerted effort to create bird sanctuaries within the vineyards. It's all about fostering a thriving ecosystem where birds can safely nest and contribute to the health of the vineyard.

These bird boxes become buzzing hubs of activity in spring, contributing to natural pest control and pollination, making them heroes of the vineyard! Don't hesitate to ask your host about their bird habitats, you'll be amazed at the stories and passion behind each bird box. Here’s to the winged wonders that add an extra layer of magic to Wine Road!

Need A Room?

We've got you covered along the Wine Road when it comes to lodging.

Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfasts, Country Inns and even Glamping.

Bella Luna Inn

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In part one of My Life Before the Wine Industry, we explored the lives of two people impassioned with their new careers.

This time you’ll meet four more people who found their paths to the wine industry in different ways, but the common theme continues.

The beautiful surroundings, wine country lifestyle, fast-paced varied roles at wineries, and opportunities to meet people from around the world continue to lure folks into the wine industry.

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There is always something happening along the Wine Road.

Here are just two highlights from our Event Calendar.

Cosmico Music Festival at Dawn Ranch, happening in May.

Catch a vibe: Join us for a three-day immersive experience; discover new favorite artists, savor the best of wine country, connect more deeply to yourself and your community. Details.

Play Croquet where the Croquet World Championships have been held! For a fun and truly unique wine country experience you can now reserve one of our tournament quality croquet lawns for up to 8 people for two hours. Details

Wine Road Ambassador/ Podcast Listener, Jonathan P. from Temecula, CA with Debra Mathy, proprietor of Dutcher Crossing Winery, at Passion for Pinot in Palm Springs.

Jonathan is showing off his Pin!

We're now at 200

Wine Road Ambassadors,

but we would love to have 1000!

We are also hoping to have someone from every state, but we're missing 24!

If you're from one of these states,

help us out :-)


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We hope you join us for our Spring Wine Trail.

These one-day events have proven to be fun way to get out explore a variety of wineries for only $50 for the day, with no advance reservations required.

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Varietal of the Month - Merlot

Varietal of the Month


Merlot practically needs no introduction; it’s one of the Noble grapes, and one of the most planted grapes in the world.

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Wine Road Podcast

Get to know the people behind the wines that you love AND the people behind the wines you have yet to try.

We have about 8 years of interviews, itineraries and ideas for you, so listen in, where ever you listen to podcasts.

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