Summer Newsletter
Update for Summer 2020

As you know, this summer is unlike any we've experienced before. Like your own summer plans, Covid-19 has greatly impacted the Student Ministry summer plans we had for you, including our mission trip being cancelled.

Our original plans this summer included bonfires, Bible studies, serving at the River Food Pantry, game nights, and more. These plans have been put on hold as we wait to see what the church board will allow as countywide restrictions change.

We understand students and families are ready for summer and some downtime away from virtual meetings. Our hope is that as the summer progresses, we will have a handful of opportunities to connect either virtually or in person.
Summer updates will be sent through the Remind message service
Grow with God this Summer
The Bible Project
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Ezrah's Sabbatical

Ezrah will be on Sabbatical from June 1st - August 31st, 2020

Q: Was this the plan?
A: Yes, after nearly 8 years at FPC, the plan was for Ezrah to take a sabbatical this summer.

Q: What will he be doing?
A: He will be taking time to connect with God through study, connect with his family, and have time to come back refreshed in the fall.

Q: What should I do if I see Ezrah during his sabbatical?
A: Say hello! He still loves you and doesn't want you to pretend he's invisible. Just don't pepper him with questions about church and youth group as we want this is a time of rest for him from planning and organizing church activities.
Graceland in the Fall

With things changing every day on what is and what is not possible during Covid-19, our ministry team has been working on new and exciting plans that we feel will be able to adjust to meet the needs of the three main possibilities:

  • Online only

  • Fully in person

  • Hybrid model

We expect to be able to communicate the plan in the very beginning of September as we know more about the state of Covid-19 and what is possible.

Whatever the plan ends up beginning with, or altering into, our team is very much looking forward to time with our students!
Have No Fear - John is Here
While he's not wrangling dinosaurs, the incredible John Englehardt spends his time as Ezrah's partner in his current role of Elder for Student Ministry right here at FPC.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out and connect with him as he would love to hear from you.