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SCRO is now planning the next Scarborough Walk of Fame Celebration Day, on April 10, 2024.

SWOF showcases and celebrates the best of Scarborough. We have so many talented, accomplished and,

well, famous people ... right here in Scarborough, who make a difference here at home and, in some cases,

become ambassadors for Scarborough around the world.

Scarborough Town Centre will be where it all happens.

Want to nominate someone to be a “Star” on the Scarborough Walk of Fame?

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"Scarborough getting over 100 new condo buildings"

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Hi Folks! It’s been a busy summer so far and we’re grateful for the continued support from our

community. We are very excited with the opening of the Orangutans of Gunung Leuser – Guardians of

the Rainforest – our new outdoor orangutan habitat. We look forward to seeing you soon at the Zoo to

see this new habitat where you can also learn more about you can be rainforest guardian by making

choices that help save orangutans and all the other species that call the rainforest home

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"Toronto's massive new 16 km linear park is getting closer to reality"

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Tamil Fest 2023

Celebrate Tamil culture, test your luck at carnival games, watch mesmerizing cultural performances, or bite into some crispy samosas at this street festival taking over Scarborough.

August 26-27

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"Politics have always derailed Scarborough transit plans, but that may be about to change"

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"It's about to get cheaper to ride the TTC and GO around Toronto"

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"You can now officially tap credit card and debit to pay on the TTC"

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Hello All,

Happy August! Here is the SMT Newsletter for this month and it is bursting at the seams with info about AGMs, Freaky Friday Info Night and Auditions, a Xanadu Disco Party & Screening and so SO much more.

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On August 3, 2023, Feed Scarborough held a successful report launch for Substance Beyond the Surface: A Deep Dive into Food Security and its Root Causes. This report showcases some of the challenges Feed Scarborough's clients are facing. These challenges include income, housing, and immigration.

We had speakers amplify issues: Komiwtha Sukanaraj (Founder Sincerely, Scarbs) speaking on income and employment issues within the community, Anna Dewar Gully (Co-Founder of Tidal Equality) speaking on housing affordability, Gurmat Randhawa (South Asian Legal Clinic) speaking on issues newcomers face, Sarah Boomhower speaking on the rights of Indigenous people. 

As noted in the report, 28.1% of Feed Scarborough’s clients reported being employed either full-time, part-time, contract, or temporary work. This is significant to note as employment doesn’t guarantee food security. According to the data, 89.2% of Feed Scarborough’s surveyed clients live in rental units. Previous studies have noted that food insecurity is 4 times more prevalent in renters than homeowners. Almost all (95.3%) of Feed Scarborough’s food bank clients that were surveyed were not born in Canada. With 75.4% living in Canada for less than a year, showcasing the gap between needs and actions. Policy recommendations on successful immigration integration, affordable housing, and income are discussed in the report.

Read the full PDF report on the website at

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"Toronto is about to get an entirely new skyline where you'd least expect it"

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"A Toronto supermarket that was shut down, is now reopening"

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This summer, we are running a fundraising challenge event called Step4Water, so kids don't have to, supporting us to raise funds to build six wells in rural villages in Zambia in 2023. These wells will provide safe and accessible sources of drinking water, transforming the lives of hundreds of families, particularly children, who currently endure daily walks of up to 4 hours to reach often contaminated water sources.

Access to clean water is a basic human right, yet for rural communities, it remains an arduous and dangerous challenge. Yet, with support, we can make a significant impact and alleviate their suffering. Our goal for this year's fundraising campaign is to raise a total of $27,000, which will cover the costs of constructing six essential wells, each changing the lives of hundreds of people.

We are inviting people to challenge themselves to participate in a 5K or 10K run, in any place, and at any time between Saturday August 26th and Sunday September 30th. Participants will receive participation kits in the mail including an official t-shirt, completer medal, wristband and vouchers, and their name will go on the signage of a well built in rural Zambia. Together, we can ensure that children in these rural villages no longer have to endure the hardships and health risks associated with limited access to clean water.

The video explaining the challenge is here:

And anyone interested can sign up here:

Please feel free to forward on the contact information of if anyone has any questions for us! 

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Canada just got a colourful new coin and it's gorgeous!"

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"Canada has a new Toonie and it's stunning!

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Jurassic World - Mississauga

Gates are now open! It's time to come face to face with life-size dinosaurs

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Visit all these beautiful beaches in Scarborough!

Hanlan's Point
Woodbine Beach
Centre Island
Rouge Beach
Bluffers Park

"U of T was just ranked better than every school in the world but Harvard"

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"Toronto is getting a new Ikea store and signs are now up!"

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"Toronto reclaiming more space under Gardiner Expressway for people and events"

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"Best indoor playing field in Scarborough"

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"Toronto was just ranked the best in the world for hybrid workers"

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"The fascinating history behind the Strawberry houses that shaped Toronto"

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"Nobody in Toronto seems to have any idea this TTC safety feature exists"

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It's sunflower season!

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"The CNE is returning to Toronto for 2023 with an all new water fountain show"

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The Real McCoy is back!

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Patty Cake and Ice Cream
DaanGo Cake Lab

OMAKASE is a traditional way to eat a chef-chosen selection of dishes, which means "leave it up to you" in Japanese — offers adventurous diners high-quality fish in an innovative way

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