May 2023

"Tears were Rolling Down my Face, Thanking God"

Kwanele Shezi, Christ Fellowship Center (CFC) worship leader, shares, “I look at our church building standing in this valley of Tugela Ferry, Sijozini village, where tribal wars left thousands of orphans and HIV wiped a generation off. But today I stand pointing at the evidence of Gods love for us. That believers who have never even met us will go all out to help us build a church. Today I led worship in this building for the very first time. Tears were rolling down my face thanking God for His unfailing love. We sang and danced at our church building. Thank you for helping us have a fellowship home.” Thank you to all who helped fund this church building!

"My American Children, Thank You"

Gogo Benya says “My American children, thank you for building the house of God in these dry lands of Tugela Ferry. In my old age I have surely seen the goodness of God. When the Lord calls me home, out of this church hall will my grandchildren bid me farewell. Till then I am going to serve God faithfully and invite many other Gogo’s (grandmas) to come rejoice with us.”

Second Term is Favorite Time of Year!

Above is the grade 8d class in Siphimfundo High School in Ladysmith. They are halfway through the Reach4Life Bible. Each day the headmaster gives Peer Educators an hour with all the grade 8 classes, a total of 462 kids. Thandy reports, "The Reach4Life (R4L) book has been put into the hands of thousands of young people since the beginning of the school year in January. This month we celebrate the effectiveness of the program, the hours of Bible teaching the Lord has made possible, and the books that are transforming lives. Term two is every Peer Educator’s favourite time of the school’s calendar. By this time, 90% of our schools are fully participating in assemblies and classrooms. Roll outs are mostly done and teaching the Bible in classrooms and any other platform is running smoothly!"

Parents Vote to Keep Reach4Life Program after Trial Run

Above is Qophumlando Primary School, Mafahlawane village. Here, 783 kids now have a Bible and are taught the Bible in their classroom, and 271 have committed to Christ. Launching here was difficult because some of the school authorities were committed to ancestor worship. It was hard for the Peer Educators because they were refused entry at the gate and weren't allowed to speak the name of Jesus on the school premises. But the parents saw how happy their kids were about the program. They demanded that the program be given a three-month trial. The end of April was the end of the trial, and Reach4Life was voted in by the parents' governing body. Thandy says, "We now have a set 45 minutes in classrooms each day of the week and the harvest is wonderful."

Looking Forward to R4L Conference; Not too Late to Donate!

Nomusa Lerolo, Grade 11, shares, “I have been trained as a R4L Fox (students teaching fellow students). Wow, this books is serious, this Bible is putting us straight as young people. I have taught in different groups in my township and the kids keep coming and inviting others each day. I am so full of joy that I am not just a believer but a Kingdom worker. Every week we report to our strict Coordinator, we plan our next week's lessons together. My Fox mates and I are going to camp (conference) for the first time, we can’t wait to meet other Foxes from other countries and share ideas. We thank those that have given to our transport and accommodation for camp!” See her (second row, far right) with other Foxes in the picture below. If you would like to send young people like her to the conference (July 4-7), please visit our donate page. On the second page of the payment process, select "PE Conference" from the "projects" dropdown box. The cost is about $40 per Peer Educator. Thanks for your support!

Plans Underway for Lesotho Training in June

Above left, the Lesotho R4L team is planning a big training on June 9-10 in the city of Maseru. New Biblica board member, Mr. Sekese joined the group and took this picture. Above right, R4L Lesotho Coordinator, Malintle (pink shirt) is shown with newly trained local missionaries who are helping the team with their R4L school ministry.

Training Center is in Constant Use!

The Johannesburg R4L training center is constantly in use for Peer Educator and Pastor trainings. In May, 78 young people from various areas around Johannesburg went through the Peer Educator training. These trainings are valuable even for those who decide not to make the year-long commitment to the program, as they will be able to use these skills in any leadership positions that they might be a part of now or in the future. 

"All my Pain was Addressed in this Book"

“My name is Lizeka Mopho, Lamula High school, Soweto Johannesburg. I didn’t think I was going to make it to Grade 12. My life was so broken 2 years ago before Reach4Life came to my school. I got mixed up with the wrong crowd and my life went bad. I was getting to a lot of trouble; my grades were low. I was going nowhere with life. At an assembly the R4L program was introduced, I thought I was not going to participate to some religious thing. But then the Peer educators came to my class and gave us the Bibles. All my pain was addressed in this book, all my wrong doings were corrected by this book, my negative attitude towards life was changed. Few months later I knew that I was loved deeply by the Lord and that I have had an encounter with the truth and not a religious thing. Today I have a relationship with the Lord, and I have changed. My grades are evidence that light has come to my life.” 

Mission Team Going in September!

A team of 19 people will be going on a mission trip to South Africa, Sept 1-16. We will be going into schools, churches, and communities, working with Thandy and Pastor Emmanuel, the facilitators, Peer Educators, and four country coordinators from Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Lesotho. We will be teaching lessons alongside the local people, including acting out dramas (as in the picture above). We are also taking hundreds of books, Bibles, and other supplies. Team members include Janis and Emily Schlepp, Hayden Camat-Crisostomo, Cooper Low, Robert Andrade, Robyn Brooks, Merlina & Jay Helman, and Lorna & John Packard (from Christ's Church); Susan Kelley (former CCFW, now at Lakeside Bible Camp); David & Amy Baccus (East Renton Community Church); Aaron & Sadie Reimer (Des Moines Gospel Chapel); Angie, Silas, and Ravenna Vaden (North Phoenix); and Faith Wallace (Tucson). Those whose names are underlined are seeking support. Donations can be made online. Select the name you want to support from the dropdown "projects" box on the second page of the payment process or "Where needed." Please pray as we plan for the logistics of the trip. Please contact us if you have any questions about the trip or how to donate.

Clothing Drive is Happening Now!

As a reminder, our clothing drive is underway now and will run through October 31. We can take gently used:

  • clothes
  • shoes
  • purses and belts
  • linens (tablecloths, towels, drapes, etc.)
  • blankets/sleeping bags
  • anything fabric-y

If you have any name-brand sneakers (running shoes, tennis shoes) please bag them separately. (If you're unsure, bag them anyway.) Please do not include any stained, torn, or otherwise unusable items. Clothes can be dropped at 30020 2nd Ct. S., Federal Way, on the porch, where you will also find donation receipts in a plastic bag. The funds we raise will be used to support the R4L program. Please also let your family and friends know about the clothing drive, and let us know if you become aware of any opportunities to collect clothes, including estate clear-outs. We can pick up large amounts of clothes if needed. Contact us at 253-946-5953 (landline), 206-423-0306 (cell), or by email. Thanks for your support!

Reach4Life in Schools!

Dr. Mgezeni Technical High School in Richards Bay (1,244 learners, all have Bibles and teachings are going well).

Unique Academy Primary School, Swaziland

Thusanang Primary School, Johannesburg (left) and Mamelodi High School, Pretoria (right).

Dobsonville Primary school, Soweto (left) and Moses Kotane Primary, Braamfisher, Roodepoort (right).

More Testimonies!

"I Have a Bible; it is Mine!"

“Ntando Ndlovu, age 12, Sthembile Primary School, Nanda township, Durban, says “Today is my Birthday and the R4L team came to my class and gave us Reach4Life Bibles. The first page we had to write our names. This is the best gift I have ever received from anyone in my life. I have a Bible, it is mine!! In this book we are learning how to choose the right friends, how to respect others and mostly we are learning that Christ died for our sins so we can have a relationship with Jesus. To do our schoolwork well and to dream big dreams. I am a child of God and I own a Bible.”  

Exchange Rate is EXCELLENT!

The exchange rate has improved by over 25% in the past year. That means our money goes further, so now is a great time to donate!

"The Numbers are Amazing"

“My name is Sara, I am a Sunday school teacher in my church. The challenges that our kids face is shocking. We need to equip the kids with God’s word and model to them godly lifestyles. The Program has transformed our children and youth ministry in my church. The numbers are amazing each week.Reach4Life is an answer for Africa’s youth.”   

One more school!

At Lozitha Primary, Swaziland. 914 students were given Bibles.

The current Rand exchange rate is excellent at 19.7 Rand per dollar!

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