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My recent fishing trip to Lake Diefenbaker in Saskatchewan, Canada was absolutely amazing. The trip was a much-needed break from the daily grind, allowing me to relax and recharge. It also gave me the chance to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Meeting Lisa Peters, the host of the LeaderImpact Podcast and Talk Show on AccessNowTV, in person, was a definite highlight. We had connected through a podcast a few months back, and her husband, Ward, added to the fun and camaraderie during our fishing adventures and fry.

A big shout-out goes to Alan and Aden from High Plains Outfitters for organizing such an unforgettable experience. Their expertise and guidance played a crucial role in making the trip a success. As we said our goodbyes to Lake Diefenbaker, we're already excitedly planning our return for next year's adventure.

Yours truly, and our friend and guide Alan


Register today for the APEX Leadership Institute's Summit on August 18 in Billings, MT, where I will share strategies to unlock veterans' potential in the civilian workforce. In my session, "Let's Get Veteran READY," I'll highlight the importance of creating a supportive environment for veterans during their transition.

We'll explore diverse transition paths, showcase successful examples, and discuss the benefits of Veteran READY© programs. I invite employers to partner with Max Fab Consulting to implement these strategies and create an inclusive workplace. Get Veteran READY today.

There is still time to join the summit! Register today. Looking forward to seeing you there.


Why People Quit: A Call for Leaders to Transform

As a diagnostic leader, I have had the privilege of examining organizations that faced human failures, process breakdowns, and lapses in policy discipline.

One truth emerged through countless root cause analyses: people don’t quit their jobs; they quit their bosses and companies. Read the blog to find out why people are quitting you!

Prevent Failures in the Workplace by Investing in Quality Leadership Training

The value of leadership training is undeniable and it equips employees with the knowledge and skills to

drive success and growth. But does training before or after mistakes have been made impact its

effectiveness? Read the blog to find out.


Invisible Condition Show: Moral Injury & PTSD

I was recently only the show Invisible Condition, hosted by Jeff Pearson, where I talk about my intimate relationship with moral injury and PTSD. I share how I have learned to harness my energy and transform them into stories and empathy, and shed light on the importance of understanding these distinct challenges. Watch the show.

Kangaroo Leadership Podcast Episode #2: From Killer to Common Cold

I was honored to have Dr. Dave Graham on the Kangaroo Leadership Podcast. Dr. Graham is the author of the book From Killer to the Common Cold and is a retired infectious disease specialist. We talked about COVID-19 and his leadership throughout the pandemic and discussed healthcare and its future, his journey after retirement, and his latest endeavor. Tune in for an insightful episode!


When the Cows Lie Down: The Reason People Quit YOU, Their "Leader"

My next book explores good and bad quitting and explains the reasons behind them because it affects the bottom line. The book also focuses on why people are quietly quitting—leaving the workforce, avoiding office environments, and giving up on social aspects of work. By understanding the reasons behind quietly quitting, you can leverage that knowledge to your advantage.

There are times, however, when quitting becomes essential for success, health, and raising your game. There are also moments when people quit their leaders—times when the cows lie down, so to speak.


Preorder my next book: When the Cows Lie Down: The Reason People Quit YOU, Their “Leader.”



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