Dear ACC,

You've heard me talk about my conviction that churches today must be learning communities. They are the places where we come to understand the beliefs we hold and how to faithfully live them out in the world. To that end, I want to highlight three exciting opportunities you might consider.

First, we'll resume our weekly bible study this week. If you're curious about scripture but feel too intimidated or unaware to dive in on your own, then this is the conversation to join. We'll continue our journey through the book of Genesis every Thursday at 9 am in person or at 7 pm via Zoom (

Second, this summer the adult Sunday school classes will come together to study From Inclusion to Justice: Disability, Ministry, and Congregational Leadership by the Rev. Dr. Erin Rafferty. We'll read and discuss a chapter each week, so it's meant to flow at a very digestible pace. Books will be provided to all study participants via our grant from the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship. If you want to join in, just pick up a copy of the book at church. We'll hold our first session on June 2nd at 11 am in the Casa room. 

Last but not least, our sermon series based on the TV show The Office - "Beauty in Ordinary Things" - begins on May 26th. We're going to talk about the more mundane blessings in our lives that are too often ignored or underappreciated. I promise that you don't need to have watched the show in order to understand the messages, but if you're curious then now is a great time to do a little binge-watching. This is also a GREAT time to invite someone to attend ACC with you, either in person or online because these messages will be especially relatable and inspiring (or so we think...). 

It's a joy to be in Christian community with all of you. Let's keep growing and serving and worshiping together, as we serve as witnesses to God's inclusive love. 

Steadfast in hope,