Clear the Smoke!

Conversations can be a powerful tool parents can use to connect with and protect kids. When tackling a tough topic, such as marijuana, figuring out what to say can be challenging. 

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Youth Mobile Crisis

A new Intensive Crisis Stabilization Service (ICSS) is available for children, youth, and young adults in Oakland County. An Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN) funded initiative will be provided by New Oakland Family Centers.

For individuals, parents, or caregivers who are unable to resolve a crisis on their own, they may contact the New Oakland Youth Mobile Crisis Team through their crisis line, at 877-800-1650.

Be the Solution

Be the solution

Watch the Alliance's CEO, Julie Brenner, interview with award winning author and filmmaker, Weam Namou, about the prevention, support and recovery resources we offer.  

The Alliance of Coalitions for Healthy Communities has encouraged and inspired individuals, families and communities to be a prevention solution. They've created numerous programs that help shape how well our communities live. This is especially important now since we live in a culture where every day, over 2000 teens begin abusing prescription drugs. Full Blog HERE
Upcoming Events

Boots on the Ground & Ride for Recovery - Saturday, October 6.  Help us shatter the stigma of addiction!  Join us and support our Veterans.  Registration information HERE.

2nd Annual Legacy Gala  - Thursday, November 29. Save the Date! 

Sponsorship/In Honor of/In Memory of Opportunities

With your contribution we will be able to effectively help students, individuals and families with the following programs this year:
Keep Them Safe, Keep Them Healthy! -
 Student and community program on the dangers of substance abuse utilizing education and personal stories, empowering individuals to make  healthy choices.

Resolve - Comprehensive life skills training program for people in
recovery. Prevents relapse and prepares participants to overcome barriers by addressing the health and well-being of the whole person.

All sponsored dollars help the Alliance deliver essential and comprehensive programs which give individuals the opportunity to lead a healthy and successful life. A banner will be showcased at our upcoming Legacy Gala this November 29th, 2018. MORE INFO

Alliance of Coalitions for Healthy Communities