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The fall is here with rain and cold! Wouldn't it be nice to curl up with a book or a movie on the couch in the warmth of your home? Instead you are battling the evening traffic to attend a fundraising party. How much would you pay to stay home instead?
We are asking for $135 to support a Cambodian child and we can use our limited time and energy towards running the programs in Cambodia. 

It's a win-win-win situation! You don't have to leave home, we don't have to do a fundraiser and a kid gets a year's worth of education. 
Your generous contribution will enrich their education with daily English classes from grades 4-9, Sports and Library, Arts & Crafts as well as Computer classes. It  gives our village children the advantage of a well rounded education so they are able to continue their studies and break the cycle of poverty.

We still need funding for   385  children for the  upcoming school year.




or mail a check to  

Cambodian Community Dream Org.

240 East 85th St #2A

New York, NY 10028


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