Ever feel like you need a fresh start? A fresh look? A do over? Here is your chance! I love when the seasons change and we can restart or reboot ourselves. No better time than the spring to revitalize your lifestyle! A time for new beginnings and make the most out of the spring energy that is all around us.  This article will give you some ideas on how to get started!

Clean out those cabinets.  Everyone remember the 5% Rule? Everything we should be eating and/or drinking should be less than 5% in total fat AND less than 5% in total carbohydrates. How do foods sneak into our houses? Purge those high fat and high carb foods and replace them with healthier products that meet our 5% rule and feel good about what is in your kitchen.

Clean out those old clothes.  Freshen up those closets. Donate clothes that you no longer wear or outgrew (I know you all keep your larger sizes- “just in case”). There is NO “just in case”  This is your new lifestyle and you will never go back to where you have been. Pick something colorful and feel good in your clothes. No better way to start a day than to enjoy that reflection looking back at you!

Live colorfully.  Open that refrigerator and enjoy seeing an array of color! Add colorful foods to your life. We get different vitamins/minerals from different colored foods. Add red, orange or yellow peppers to your salad. Make a delicious pineapple salsa for your fish dish. Infuse color to your meals!