The Passaic County Sheriff's Office unveiled Angel Sense in the Spring of 2019.
Angel Sense is the only GPS and Monitoring solution designated specifically for individuals with special needs. With all-day, proactive monitoring, you know your loved one is safe. You see where they are at all times, and receive instant life-saving alerts if they wander away from safety.

You can also check in to hear how they're doing and talk to them with a single click. It features All Day Monitoring; see all locations, arrivals, and departure times and transit speed, Real Time Mapping; know when your loved one is on the move and see their exact route in real time, Unknown Place Alert; get an immediate alert if your child is in an unfamiliar and potentially dangerous place, First Responder Emergency Alert; send a link to the real time location of the child, to a predefined group or any search and rescue team member, Alarm; activates an alarm on the device to locate your loved one when nearby in a crowd or when hiding, and more!
With Angel Sense, caregivers gain immeasurable peace of mind, and device wearers gain the independence and confidence to move about more freely.
Angel Sense is available to individuals residing at home or in a healthcare facility. For more information or register someone you love, call the Community Policing Division at 973-389-5920 or complete the application in the document section below.