New Year, New Savings Plan!
What is a better way to go into the new year than with a new savings plan! Check out these 5 tips to help choose one.
Weather Wednesday

This one is pretty fun. Every Wednesday you’ll look up the weather high in your city. Whatever it is, you’ll put that amount away. Pick the duration, whether that be for a year or just 6 months. Doing it for a full year will ensure that you have high savings months, like July and August. As well as lower savings months such as January and February.
Money Savings Bingo

This challenge is a game and a savings plan all in one! Download a pre-made bingo template from the internet. Every day or week, select a number or two, mark it off and save it. Depending on which sheet you choose to print out, you’ll have a pretty good amount put away. Do a bingo game each month and you’ll be on a great savings path.
52 Week Savings

Starting at $1 and counting up to $52 as each week passes, you’ll put away the given amount matching which week of the year we are on. By the end you will have saved $1,378! Now that is easy to keep track of!
100 Day Savings Challenge

Take 100 envelopes and label them with $1-$100. Pick an envelope from the pile and place the amount written, inside and place it behind the rest. You can choose to pick an envelope two times a week for a year, or one a day for 100 days.
Receipt Savings Challenge

This one’s quite clever! You know those stores that say “congratulations, you saved $x amount of money today!” and circle the amount at the bottom of the receipt. The idea behind this challenge is simple. Whatever you saved at the store, put away in a savings account. Whether it's $2 or $16, it’s still something and will definitely add up in time!
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