Healthy Start to the New Year with Donabe
A Personal Message from Naoko
Happy New Year, The Year of Dragon!

As we welcome the beginnings of 2024, I am thrilled to share with you the continued journey of TOIRO and the enriching experience of donabe cooking.

My December was a whirlwind of travels, festive nights, and delightful celebrations. Despite the joy, my body yearned for balance after indulging in rich foods and wines. As the holiday season wrapped up, I returned to the comforting home-cooked donabe meals. Simple, yet nourishing hot pots, steamed dishes, and porridges cooked in my beloved donabe helped me effortlessly return to my normal weight and, more importantly, I felt incredible. Each day, my cravings for these wholesome, donabe-prepared meals grew, reaffirming the magic of this traditional one-pot cooking style.

At TOIRO, we believe in the power of donabe cooking not just as a method of preparing food, but as a lifestyle that fosters well-being and happiness. The simplicity, yet profound nature of donabe cooking, brings a sense of tranquility and fulfillment. It’s more than just a meal; it's about nurturing the soul and body with wholesome, lovingly prepared dishes.

As we step into this new year, let us continue to cherish the moments spent around warm, inviting meals, celebrating the art of donabe cooking and bring smiles. Wishing you a prosperous and healthy year ahead filled with delightful donabe experiences.

Thank you so much for your continued support for our mission of spreading Happy Donabe Lifestyle!


Naoko Takei Moore
Owner of TOIRO
Spinach & Daikon Porridge to Reset Your Body
This is quick Spinach & Daikon Porridge I have been making often lately. It requires minimum prepping/ chopping, and the taste is amazing. To me, donabe makes the best porridge. It cooks the contents so gently and the texture is always so smooth. Donabe porridge is my "reset" dish to make my stomach feel great, too.
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