February 2018
The Year of Living Thoughtfully
I love the beginning of a new year! It's a time to refresh, reconfigure and rethink our lives and our spaces, which I believe are connected. When there's order in our lives, we can think more clearly, be more focused and get more done, By incorporating environment friendly actions and donating, we are part of the solution of taking care of our planet earth. I hope you find these suggestions helpful and use them to reboot for a more organized, thoughtful year ahead!
Tupperware: Pulling it all Together
Ever get the uneasy feeling when opening your cupboard that all the plastic container lids are going to fall on your head? Now is the time to pull out all containers and lids and give them an overhaul. Make sure you have a lid that matches every container. Ask yourself: how many do I need? Recycle the rest. Then find a way to store lids that works for you. Use small bins in the drawer. Stack lids vertically with a plate rack. Utilize drawer dividers. Or even tension rods can help divide and conquer those slippery culprits!
Tote Your Own
Make 2018 the year you start carrying your own collapsible tote bag. Be ready for groceries, shopping and errands...say no to plastic bags! There are so many attractive totes out there now, some folding down to a convenient size, Have fun and pick out a design you love or make your own. Here's one we like from ecojeannie.com .
Junk Drawer: A Yearly Trip
At least once a year do yourself a favor and tackle the drawer into which all things disappear. It's time to find out what's in there. And what do you really need? Toss what you don't and relegate items to more appropriate areas of your home. Pens and pencils may need to go to your desk. Measuring tapes to the sewing kit. Utilize dividers to make organizing easy!
Lighten Your Linen Load
A great time to weed out your tired, stained and worn linens and towels. Launder them and donate to a local animal shelter. You may want to call the shelter ahead of time to make sure what kind of donations they accept and when you can drop them off. A win/win!

Stores hold white sales in January to encourage shoppers to stock up on towels and bedding. This started in 1878 when the department store, John Wanamaker & Co in Philadelphia discounted white sheets to bring customers into the store in January.
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