March, 2023

Hello! I hope you’re having a very productive beginning to the year so far. It seems that the worst of the mostly mild winter is behind us, and spring is right around the corner. The Second Quarter of 2023 is coming up quickly and that means it’s a great time to secure your new tile and slate orders for this roofing season (before the 2023/2024 winter snow flies).

Renaissance offers a wide variety of standard/common colors of natural slate produced in the quarries in Vermont and New York. Below is the general selection of multi-colored slates produced in North America and available for your roofing projects.

New Vermont Slate

Semi-Weathering Gray/Green

Unfading Gray/Green

Semi-Weathering Gray

Royal Purple

Unfading Purple

Semi-Weathering Variegated Purple

Unfading Mottled Green and Purple

Unfading Red

Semi-Weathering Black

Semi-Weathering Strata Gray

Semi-Weathering Gray/Black

Unfading Gray

We offer sizes of slates ranging from 12” long and up to 24” (larger available upon request), constant or random widths, and thicknesses ranging from standard ¼” and up. Click here to learn more about our available slate colors, sizing, and general data.

If I can help with you new natural roofing slate needs, reach out and let’s discuss your project. I can help you with your take-off/plan reading, verify colors of existing slate roofs, and provide you with the best possible pricing and lead times. Call me at 800-699-5695 or email at

The Necessary Extras


Alpine Snowguards use a proven/patented fastening method that will maintain the integrity of the roof, without voiding the roofing manufacturer’s warranty and can be installed on new or existing (retrofit) roofs. Many of their snow guards are available in a multitude of color and powder coating options to match any roof and please even the most discerning taste.

Web: Alpine Snowguards


Renaissance offers a variety of fasteners for your tile or slate roofing project. We offer smooth-shank or ring-shank copper or stainless-steel roofing nails in 25lbs. quantities.

Black stainless steel slating hooks are available per pound or per piece.

Web: Fasteners

Proper Planning for 2023

Surely by now you’re fully aware of the significant lead times and shortages plaguing the industry as we’ve all been affected by it. As we navigate these obstacles together, we’re here to help in any way possible. We have some general recommendations:

  • QUOTING – Ensure your pricing is up to date, at least every 30 days for any projects being quoted or potential sold jobs upcoming. This includes freight charges.

  • SOLD JOBS – Make sure you notify me immediately of your respective sold jobs. Many materials have been and are cross quoted to other clients and we cannot guarantee the availability of some products due to supply and demand. We cannot “hold” materials based upon verbal agreements.

  • FUTURE PLANNING – Many of my clients, as well as yours, are accustomed to “on demand materials”. As such, this drive costs up. I encourage you to discuss shortages and extended lead times with your clients. Planning for projects several months away is easier to accomplish than “needing it tomorrow”.

  • ALTERNATIVES – In some instances, our clients are receptive to alternative products (reclaimed versus new or concrete versus clay). Flexibility is helpful if possible.

Call or email today and we can further discuss your upcoming needs. I’m happy to help.

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