New Tools to Advance Mindfulness in Education

I'm delighted today to announce the launch of our new website at

We've gone to great lengths to provide you with compelling resources, including: the impact of toxic stress on the education system, how mindfulness can help, two free documentary films, book recommendations, research, and much more.

We've organized the content and resources on the site to help you provide your peers, school leaders, PTAs, friends, and the communities you serve with materials to better understand the benefits of Mindfulness in Education. We also want to help clarify the role we're playing in the context of the broader movement. And as always, we have courses for educators wanting to bring mindfulness into their personal lives and their work with youth.

We invite you to join us in bringing mindfulness and all its well-documented benefits to educators and children across the country and around the globe.  
Next steps:
Please take a moment to look around. If you're as inspired about the potential of the Mindfulness in Education movement as we are, we invite you to share your favorite resources with the people you know who would most appreciate them.  

As you use these new resources, please tell us your stories so others can learn from your experience and we can continue to build the resources that will serve you best. We always welcome your ideas and feedback at

Thank you as always for the important work you do, and for helping children and adults experience the powerful benefits of practicing mindfulness. You continue to inspire us, and we are honored to contribute to this movement together with you.

Randima (Randy) Fernando
Executive Director
Mindful Schools

P. S. Here are some of my favorite pages:
1. About > Why Mindfulness is Needed in Education: this page discusses how toxic stress plagues our education system, and how mindfulness can help

2. About > Our Approach: here we describe our unique approach to Mindfulness in Education at Mindful Schools

3. Explore > Resources: short films, free documentaries, sample lessons, presentations, and more that you can use and share