CPI News Brief Volume 13 Issue 7 May 2024

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New Suicide Prevention Module is Now Available:

Best Practices for Suicide Prevention with LGBTQ+ Youth

The Best Practices for Suicide Prevention With LGBTQ+ Youth module provides guidance for mental health providers in developing an affirming clinical approach, as well as adaptations of best suicide prevention practices, as a way to prevent suicide in LGBTQ+ youth. The module is broken up into five chapters that each focus on components of an affirming clinical approach and adaptations of risk assessment and safety planning for suicide prevention. The module will engage the participant in learning best practices for language, understanding of the specific suicide risk and protective factors relevant for LGBTQ+ youth, and ways to adapt safety plans to be supportive of gender and sexual identity. The module will end by considering ways that providers can advocate for the youth they work with, including when and how to work with families.

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By the end of this combined course, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify how/why suicide disproportionately affects youth in the LGBTQ+ community.
  2. Develop a gender and identity affirming clinical approach for working with LGBTQ+ youth.
  3. Discuss risk and protective factors specific to youth in the LGBTQ+ community.
  4. Recognize adaptations to safety planning for LGBTQ+ youth including warning signs, identifying coping strategies if the client is not “out” at home, families of choice and LGBTQ+ resources.
  5. Identify ways to support LGBTQ+ youth, including with crisis intervention and their families, and discuss ways to advocate for them.  

You will earn a certificate for completing this course.

1.5 continuing education units will be available for SW, LMHC, CASAC, Psychology, nurses (CNE), and medical professionals (CME).

Please Note: In order to receive your certificate and CEUs, you will need to complete a pre-training survey (5 min), the module, and a post-training knowledge quiz and survey (5 min). CEUs cannot be provided for partial completion.

 To access this module:

  • Log into the Learning Community using your username and password. Click on the Suicide Prevention icon, then click Start an online module, then select Best Practices for Suicide Prevention With LGBTQ+ Youth. Click the blue Request button.
  • The training will now appear in your Active Transcript. You can then log in at any time and access the training by hovering over the Learning tab, selecting Active Transcript, and selecting the blue button next to the training that say either Evaluate Behavior (first time opening the training) or Open Curriculum (after pre-training evaluation is complete).
  • To view the training, click the blue Open Curriculum button. The training is split into five sections. Click the blue button that says Launch to open each section.


This is one of a series of online training modules focusing on suicide prevention that are available to you in the CPI Learning Community. Current titles include:

  • Engaging Families and Social Supports in Working with Suicidal Individuals
  • The Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) - Tool to Detect and Assess Suicidal Risk
  • Safety Planning Intervention for Suicide Prevention
  • Means Reduction Counseling for Suicidal Individuals
  • Comprehensive Suicide Risk Assessment
  • Structured Follow-up and Monitoring
  • Optimizing Clinical Care of Suicidal Individuals
  • Suicide Prevention for Healthcare Workers, and
  • Suicide Screening and Risk Assessment in Youth
  • Suicide is Everyone’s Business
  • Telehealth with Suicidal Individuals

For more information about CPI's Suicide Prevention - Training, Implementation and Evaluation program (SP-TIE) please click here: https://www.practiceinnovations.org/I-want-to-learn-about/Suicide-Prevention