"You've Already Won" – Hope For Life's Struggles

Mike Fisk / January 5, 2024

Hey, everyone! I'm excited to introduce our "New Song of the Month" series. In this series, we'll be exploring in depth each of the new songs that we add to our worship repertoire each month. In these articles, I'll be introducing and exploring these songs with you. It's an opportunity to deepen our connection with the gospel and experience the glory of God through song.

This month, we're looking at "You've Already Won" by Shane & Shane. Nick, one of our talented band members, introduced me to this song, and I was instantly hooked. The music is epic, but it's the lyrics that really stood out to me - a message of our true hope as we deal with the struggles of life. This song was not only encouraging to me, but it also highlighted the beauty of God's love for us. I'm excited to dive into this song together with you and see how it informs our worship and leads to our deepening appreciation of God's profound love.

"I'm Fighting a Battle"

As we move towards our "someday," our journey will be filled with all sorts of battles, both within ourselves and from external circumstances. Each of us grapples with internal struggles like anxiety and worry, which can make our decision-making more difficult, even though we know God loves us, and is faithful throughout our lives. We often face the temptation to remain in our comfort zones rather than stepping out in order to grow and connect with others. There's that persistent stress of trying to control our lives, often forgetting that God is ultimately in control–not us. We might seek to fill the voids in our life with “stuff” or try to find joy in sin, rather than seeking true satisfaction and joy in God.

Externally, we deal with challenges like sickness or pain, ranging from minor colds to severe, life-altering illnesses. We navigate professional relationships and responsibilities, which often lead to stress and frustration. There are times when we feel a lack of purpose or fulfillment in our lives. We work through the difficulties of relationships marred by betrayal or jealousy. We face setbacks in our personal goals or careers and deal with financial hardships, like job loss or unexpected expenses.

"That You've Already Won"

But, in the middle of these struggles, "You've Already Won" serves as a great reminder of the victory Jesus has secured for us. It tells us that, regardless of our internal battles with sin, worry, apathy, or external challenges like health crises and financial troubles, our ultimate victory is in Christ. This song reminds us that Jesus has defeated sin and death, providing us with hope, a future, and the promise of eternity free from sin, death, pain, loss, or illness.

Living in the Light of Christ's Victory

This song encourages us to live in the victory Jesus has won. As we face temptations, personal failures, or difficult situations like strained relationships or career obstacles, we can find strength in the knowledge that these are temporary. We are part of a larger story – one of triumph and restoration in Jesus.

Our Song for Every Struggle

As we sing "You've Already Won" this month, and in future worship services throughout the year, let this song be a constant reminder of the hope and victory we have in Christ, even as we face all of life's battles. This song is one we can sing in every season of life, encouraging us to hold on to Christ and share this message of hope with others. Let it motivate us to live out the gospel, remembering that while our struggles are temporary, our victory in Christ is eternal.

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