"Thank You Jesus For The Blood": Our New Gospel Anthem

Mike Fisk / February 13, 2024

Over the past couple of weeks, if you've joined us or tuned into our worship services at RRC, you might have noticed the beautiful new song we’ve been singing as our pre-service song, "Thank You Jesus For The Blood.” This song has quickly become one of my favorites, pointing to the grace, redemption, and the transformative power of the gospel.

While I served as a chapel consultant for Kuyper College, I was introduced to this song by the students. I loved how clearly its lyrics communicated the gospel, highlighting our sinfulness and the overwhelming need for a Savior. The music, and the words together, creates a beautiful song that points us back to God’s unfathomable love every time we sing it.

But Why This Song?

One of the key reasons for choosing this song for our worship time is because of its clear message of our deep need for Christ. We live in a time where our culture glorifies self-help and independence—we celebrate the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mentality. But, "Thank You Jesus For The Blood" reminds us of the gospel: our salvation is entirely dependent on Jesus' grace and mercy.

The song starts by painting a vivid picture of our standing apart from Christ—lost and directionless. But, it quickly transitions to the hope and freedom found at the cross, where Jesus' sacrifice meets our deepest needs. The story it tells, from sin and separation to redemption and hope, calls us to respond in praise.

Gospel Reflections

Essentially, this song is a tribute to the gospel, reminding us that Christ's sacrifice, even in the midst of our sinfulness, bridged the gap between us and God. And, it assures us that our salvation depends only on God’s amazing grace and Jesus' sacrifice. The chorus and bridge of the song reinforce our belief and encourage us to accept the reality of Jesus' sacrifice. It acknowledges us as God's children, a status given to us not through our effort but because of the sacrifice made by Jesus on our behalf.

A Call to Discipleship

It also points us back to our mission of being disciples who make disciples. By embracing and internalizing its message, we find the foundation for our discipleship journey. It encourages us not only to cherish our personal relationship with Christ but also to help others see the beautiful, transformative love of Jesus.

As we continue to work "Thank You Jesus For The Blood" into our worship services, my hope is that it will give us a deeper appreciation and love for God. I pray that this song will be more than a pretty song we can enjoy. Instead I want it to be an invitation to lean into God's grace, and reflect on His love. I hope that from this song we become more excited about the gospel, and more deeply committed to our mission.

"Thank You Jesus For The Blood" encourages us all to remember God’s grace, and to live into, and share the gospel. As we reflect on this song this month, I want to encourage you all to let its message inspire us to fulfill our calling of helping others to see Christ's transformative love and grace.

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