February 26, 2021

As we look forward to the transition from Winter to Spring here in our part of the world, we are excited to share with you a new Zentangle Project Pack and new Zentangle Mini Pencils!

We also still have space available in our Online CZT #37 seminar, May14-17, 2021. This will be the only CZT Seminar hosted by Zentangle, Inc. in 2021, so don't miss this opportunity! Registration closes for international students on April 15th and for USA residents, May 1st.

“Transitions in life can offer opportunities for discovery.”
– Robbie Shell
Zentangle Project Pack No. 13

If we have learned anything in the past 12 months, it is that times of transition challenge us, make us stronger and create beautiful seams in the space between what was and what will be. As we embrace all stages of our journey, one might also notice that our lives are not linear, but rather filled with overlapping layers of experiences that are constantly changing and morphing.
For Zentangle Project Pack No. 13 we will bring this idea to our Zentangle practice as we focus on working in overlapping layers. We will create beautiful transitions between tangles and the compositions on our tiles. We will introduce some exciting new tools and explore some fun techniques.

Zentangle Project Pack tools are always paired up with a series of accompanying video lessons.

Each video lesson will guide participants through creating a tangled piece of art and focus on many Zentangle philosophies.
Zentangle Project Pack No. 13
Zentangle Project Pack No. 13 videos will begin March 20, 2021 and be released every other day via our newsletter and on zentangle.com.

Remember, part of the fun of the Zentangle Project Pack Series is the element of surprise. Please refrain from sharing or posting photos of the contents prior to the release of the videos. Thank you!
Zentangle Mini Blue Pastel Pencil

Custom made artist quality drawing pencils created in the United States by the General Pencil Company. Each pencil measures 3.5 inches long (89 mm). It is a smooth, pigment rich, dry pastel pencil.

Originally featured in Project Pack No. 07, these pencils are a nice companion to the white charcoal and add amazing bits of color to your tangled art. We especially love them on our gray tiles.
Zentangle Mini Blue Pastel Pencil
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2021 CZT Seminars
United States - Zentangle, Inc.

CZT#37: May 14-17, 2021: English (attend online only).

Please email martha@zentangle.com with any questions about seminars in the US
Europe - conZentric 

CZT EU #4: March 18-21, 2021German/English (attend online only).

please email team@conzentric.art with any questions about seminars in Europe
Asia - Created with Love 

CZT Asia #16: August 1-4, 2021: Mandarin (attend online only).

please email info@cwlinc.com.tw with any questions about seminars in Asia
What do CZT #36 students have to say about their online experience?

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Because of travel limitations and expense, I likely would not have been able to fulfill this dream without such a unique opportunity. I am immensely grateful. Also, as I noted in a previous response, I cannot say enough about the incredible amount of preparation, detailed guidance (email, printed, live, etc.), and follow-up evident in this seminar. I have attended numerous other conferences and seminars, and dozens of online courses, but I have never encountered such a high level of precision and care in the execution. Truly impressive!


I loved every moment and every one of you. This was a perfect format for me and I’m very grateful.


Thank you so very much for one of the best four days of self-care, reflection, meditation, and learning! Your attention to details, the extra special beautiful things you provided! You are a very special family!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. For offering this, for being authentic in your sharing, for encouraging this as a process that has potential for a deeper impact on people’s lives. I get the sense that you all believe in what you do and why you do it. That’s inspiring and encouraging. Thank you!


Thank you for giving us this online opportunity! And thank you for being beacons of positivity and encouragement at a time when those qualities are so sorely needed.


We hope that you all enjoyed tangling along with us for the Zentangle Apprentice Project Pack No. A1. Although the lessons were geared towards our younger audience, they were enjoyed by tanglers of all ages. Sometimes, it is nice to go back to basics.

If you missed this series, you can view all of the lessons here.
Thank you!
Thank you all for being a part of this exciting Zentangle adventure!

With all best regards,

Rick, Maria, Molly, Martha, and everyone at Zentangle HQ
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