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Qorvo New Product Announcement

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Announcing the latest additions to Qorvo's innovative RF and power portfolio of Wi-Fi front end modules, motor control SoCs and GaN power amplifiers, which serve a wide range of Wi-Fi 6 & 6E, BLDC motor control, 5G, radar and SATCOM systems. These high-performance solutions simplify RF and power for designers worldwide and are available at Qorvo's authorized channel partners.

Wi-Fi 6 + 6E Medium Power Front End Module

QPF4750 Features

  • POUT = +15dBm MCS11 HE80 -38dB dynamic EVM
  • POUT = +24dBm MCS0 HT20 spectral mask compliance
  • 2dB Rx noise figure

Additional information:


  • 32dB Tx gain
  • 14dB RX gan & 8dB bypass loss
  • 3x3mm laminate package
  • Ideal for wireless access points

70V Motor Control & Drive SoC with Advanced Protection and Vds Sensing

PAC52710 & PAC52711 Features

  • Integrated MCU + gate drive + AFE + multimode power manager
  • Strong gate drivers supporting 1.2A source and 1.8A sink
  • 70V buck/SEPIC DC/DC controller with external NCH FET
  • PAC52711 includes nDrive/nBrake - externally disables gate drive

Additional information:

PAC52710 and PAC52711

  • Vds sensing to detect short circuit of inverter MOSFET
  • 50MHz Arm Cortex M0
  • 32kB Flash, 8kB SRAM
  • 6x6mm QFN package
  • Ideal for BLDC motor control, power tools, e-mobility, battery powered vacuums

24.25-26.5GHz 5W GaN Power Amplifier

QPA0524 Features

  • Frequency: 24.25-26.5GHz
  • PSAT: 37-38dBm
  • PAE: 23%
  • Small signal gain: 24dB

Additional information:


  • 5-6W saturated RF power
  • 5x5.5mm SMT package
  • Ideal for 5G, SATCOM and radar systems

Introducing Qorvo's 4mOhm SiC JFET

Check out the industry's first 4mOhm silicon carbide (SiC) junction field effect transistor (JFET) in a TOLL package. It was designed for circuit protection applications including SSCBs, where low resistance, superior thermal performance, small size and reliability are paramount. The small solution size supports the space-limited dimensions of today's electromechanical circuit breakers and operates without the need for cooling systems, accelerating the transition from electromechanical circuit breakers to semiconductor-based SSCBs.

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How Modern LEO Satellite Technologies are Changing the Space Race

This article examines the evolution and impact of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites in global communications, emphasizing their increasing role in telecommunications and Earth observation due to their low-latency and high-speed capabilities. It contrasts LEO satellite with GEO and MEO satellites, noting the expected doubling of commercial constellations by 2029 and discussing their integration with 5G per the 3GPP Release 17.

Read about how this integration facilitates greater coverage, especially in remote areas, through expanded frequency spectrums and a cross-linked mesh network.

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Navigating Design Complexities with Qorvo's Software Tools

There is a free, comprehensive suite of design tools, accessible through the Design Hub, revolutionizes RF, microwave, and analog power design. This article delves into MatchCalc(TM), FET-Jet Calculator(TM) 2.0, QSPICE(TM) and the Modelithics(R) Qorvo GaN and GaAs Libraries - each created to streamline specific design challenges from impedance matching to circuit simulation.

With detailed insights into each tool's functionalities and applications, check out the software tools that not only simplify design processes but also foster innovation, efficiency and collaboration in the engineering community.

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