Announcing the latest additions to Qorvo's innovative RF portfolio of GaN power amplifiers and asymmetric Doherty HEMT which serve a wide range of radar, electronic warfare, communications, 5G massive MIMO, and base station systems. These high-performance solutions simplify RF for designers worldwide and are available at Qorvo's authorized channel partners.
100W 50V 5-6GHz GaN Amplifier
QPA2309 Features
  • Frequency: 5-6GHz
  • PSAT: 50-51dBm
  • PAE: 47-52%

Additional information:

  • Power gain: 22dB
  • 7x7x0.8mm QFN package
  • Ideal for radar systems
50W 50V 5-6GHz GaN Amplifier
QPA2310 Features
  • Frequency: 5-6GHz
  • PSAT: 47-48dBm
  • PAE: 48-55%

Additional information:

  • Power gain: 23dB
  • 7x7x0.8mm QFN package
  • Ideal for radar systems
40W / 80W, 48V, 3.4 – 3.6GHz, Asymmetric Doherty
QPD0011 Features
  • Frequency: 3.4-3.6GHz
  • Doherty POUT (P3dB): 100W
  • Doherty gain (3dB): 15dB

Additional information:

  • Doherty DE @ 42.8dBm = 55%
  • 7x6.5mm DFN package
  • Ideal for 5G massive MIMO & base stations
1-8GHz 10W GaN Power Amplifiers
QPA1003D & QPA1003P Features
  • Frequency: 1-8GHz
  • PSAT: 40dBm
  • PAE: 30%
  • Large signal gain: 25dB
  • 3.3x3.55mm die & 5x6x1.76mm SMT package respectively
  • Ideal for EW, radar & communications

Additional information:
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