New Course Series
Insights from Ord, Nebraska
We are excited to announce that our rural community prosperity development e-Learning Courses are now available online. This free professional development resource is a guided case study on the community of Ord, Nebraska – a small Great Plains community demonstrating that entrepreneur-led development can empower a thriving, diverse, and resilient economy. Courses couple stories and insights from Ord residents with actionable guides that help learners apply lessons and advance strategies rooted in their community’s own unique assets and challenges.

We also have a new podcast episode exploring this web-based resource. You will hear ideas on how your community can use these courses to grow a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Last, but not least, don't forget to visit our website's resource library for all things related to our Ord case study. Help us share the word about the new e-Learning Courses and all our resources related to this extraordinary work!
Other e2 News
LLC Investing and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building
Capital access and financial packaging are core ecosystem resources. One potential source of capital for entrepreneurial ventures is Limited Liability Company (LLC) investors. When paired with community-centered ecosystems, more deal flow and greater development impacts are enabled. In this new podcast episode, Shelley and Don explore this capital source for rural entrepreneurs with real-life examples from across rural America. Visit our episode landing page to listen and download additional resources!
IDEA Talks
Klamath IDEA, a community initiative committed to developing a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Klamath County, Oregon, is hosting a series of gatherings in 2022 aimed at networking and inspiring entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial topics. Learn more about IDEA Talks and the types of events they are hosting as your community could benefit from something similar.
Economic Gardening - An Entrepreneurial Movement
Economic Gardening is quite possibly the oldest entrepreneurship movement in the U.S. In this podcast episode, Don talks with Chris Gibbons, the movement's founder where they share stories of how Economic Gardening is making a difference with growth entrepreneurs. They also co-authored a paper providing the history of the movement and more. The National Center for Economic Gardening website makes it easy for you to learn more:
Field News
"Build to Scale" Funding Opportunity. Last month the U.S. Commerce Department opened the $45 million FY22 Build to Scale program designed to strengthen regional hubs and local business startups. The deadline to apply is June 13, 2022. More Info.

Thrive Rural Framework. To learn more about this new tool from The Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group, watch this short video.

Why investing in rural prosperity matters: A retrospective. Check out this blog post by our friend, Dell Gines, Lead Community Development Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. This retrospective is about rural strengths, Dell's eagerness to return to the road, and that time he felt like Denzel.
Radically Rural Summit, September 21-22, 2022, is a virtual and in-person event, showcasing innovation and entrepreneurship in the beautiful Monadnock Region of New Hampshire. This summit draws hundreds of registrants from across the U.S. Learn More.
Rural Rise, Summit 2022, September 28-30, 2022, is an in-person event in Emporia, Kansas. More Info.